Saturday, May 24, 2008

2nd OWS

Completed my 2nd OWS around noon today. I didn't go as far as last time (maybe a half mile this time) but that wasn't really the point. I just wanted(not really for pleasure) to get into some cold water to get used to the feeling of it. I brought a thermometer this time to get an exact measurement. The water was about 59-60 degrees, and it felt colder than in the pond last weekend. I was having some second thoughts about doing this because it felt that much colder.

I did it anyways. This time around thought (because the water was prolly colder) I had a harder time breathing when I get my chest into the water. Of course when I stuck my face in the water it hurt and it was hard to breath. What was strange is that it took me less time this time to get my breathing going.

However, it was a bit wavey and the waves were tossing me around a bit so I couldn't get my rhythm going on the way out to the bouy I was aiming for. When I turned around to go back I finally found my form and went back stronger and was able to sight better. I was happy to get out of the water.

Next weekend is going to be interesting. I looked at the swim times and there were no swim times above 20 mins! It takes me 23 mins just to swim a half mile in a pool and that is usually when I am cranking. YIKES! Might be a good thing though...I won't get run over by others :)


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