Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday

#1: Kill me at the Dr's Office, Please
 Yesterday was my follow up exam with my Orthopedist.

.....or rather my 2 hour wait in the waiting room followed by the two minute actual Dr visit. Yeah....$20 copay WELL spent.

Oh and it gets better! The Asshole family stumbled in behind me, sat next to me with the hyperactive child who for 45 minutes bashed his noise toy against his chair which caused his toy to repeat the same song over......and over......and over......and over......again......

Then the little shit RAN INTO MY LEFT KNEE (the bad knee).....COME ON!!!! Meanwhile Mom and Grandma are each on their cell phones completely oblivious to what their little terror is doing.

If that isn't visual birth control, I don't know what is.

Now back to the Orthopedist. For two minutes I basically explained what I was doing and how things weren't improving, so he asks, "Have you had an MRI yet?".........*face palm*

Why can't my Orthopedist at least be a hot one?

#2: The Muppets Are Back!!!
I love the Muppets, and am looking forward to seeing the new movie this Thanksgiving. The trailers for it so far are flipping AWESOME.

"Hey look, Fart Shoes!".........and they even snuck in Manahmana!

This is the best one:

#3: Wardrobe Malfunction
I got lucky.....VERY lucky the other night. Was changing and about to hop into the pool when I noticed something wrong my swim jammers. Yep, there was a gigantic rip in the seam. Glad I caught it then before I put em on! I got 3 solid seasons out of them, so it was no big deal to retire them.

So my PSA is: Check your gear for holes, tears, and rips every now and then.

Q: Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction in a public setting? Or know someone who has?


  1. Manahmana!!!

    I believe Mandy can answer your "Q" better the I:)

  2. I'm glad you noticed the hole before you got in the pool! That would be terrible...especially if someone had to circle swim behind you!

    I've heard to copays are higher for hot doctors. ;)

  3. So did they schedule the MRI?

    Can't believe you got 3 seasons out of your jammers? I am lucky to get 6months out of them. You may have been inappropriate for quite sometime now.

  4. Did you forget that the world revolves around that woman's spawn? I hope you were reminded when he ran into your knee.

  5. There was one day last year when Beth and I were pool running and this poor guy got out with the entire seam up his butt completely ripped. He had no idea, and then proceeded to stand on the deck talking to his friends for what seemed like forever. I felt bad but also just couldn't turn away.

  6. I know Mandy has had MULTIPLE wardrobe malfunctions! the worst thing I've done is wear my goggles upside-down for an entire swim workout.

  7. Ummm my knee hurts... where is it that the rehabilitator works??? I will gladly wait 2 hrs for a mere 20 minutes with her (did I just say that out loud ;) ).

    Wardrobe malfunction? well, I got suspended from my catholic high school because I ran half of an XC meet with my pants down around my ankles... I was in high school, and I thought it was funny, and I thought everyone in the world had a sense of humor... come to find out, it was funny, and NO... not everyone in the world has a sense of humor.

    Funny... FAIL.

    As for your jammers, damn. Only get one season out of mine... I don't wash them much though, figure the chlorine cleans them ;)

  8. I noticed a rip in my tri suit on Tuesday right in the crotch area and they are NOT 3 years old. Which is a PR. I get maybe 1/2 a season out of them and try not to wash them more than once a week and rotate 2 pairs. They must have the chlorine on ultra high at the pool I swim.

  9. my ortho is dead sexy and you are jealous. that is all.

  10. How in the world with all the hours that Disney channel is on in my home did I MISS THIS? I've tried to get my kids to "get" how awesome Jim Henson was to my childhood, but so far they've never sat entirely through any of the Muppet Movies (I even have some of the collector glasses to the Muppet Caper - I think from Burger King). LOVED the trailers. Will definitely make sure to catch this one!

    Bummer about the shorts. I had a lady ride by me on my first tri making fun of the guy in front of me"too thin" bike shorts on. I misunderstood her and thought she was telling me that MINE were too thin - I hadn't looked! So now I check these things out. If they are otherwise in good shape - I'd probably just sew them up. Needle and thread go a long way! But 3 years is a pretty good run too.

    That dr's office sounds awful. I'd have probably said something to one of the adults. But it does seem that most appts you wait forever for a slam bam thank you ma'am kind of exam or visit. Hope the knee gets better soon.

  11. I extra <3 the muppets!!! So excited for the new movie. Parents better not bring their little shits... I mean children to it!

  12. Argh, bummer to hear about the doctor suggesting you get a MRI. I'm assuming that the results will be similar to what I had on mine - inflammation that will go away over time and with some PT exercises. But hopefully it goes okay.

    And yea the girl that did my MRI wasn't as hot as the girl in that video, haha

  13. That Muppets trailer does rock! Thanks for sharing

  14. I've got nuthin on Mandy (or the multiple butt-seam-rip guys above, jeeze you guys, you'd think you feel a draft...) but during a sprint tri the inner zipper bra inside my trisuit came unzipped in the first 400 meters if the run... had to duck away next to a fence and fix the malfunction... Good luck with the knee!

  15. When I was a sophomore in high school my homecoming dress tore up the seam in the back. Before the dance. Fun stuff for a 15 year old.

  16. So, you like kids huh? ;)

    I had a dog with the habit of eating underwear.(most disgusting thing about dogs) and once he ate the crotch of my running tights (from the laundry pile)... Needless to say I didn't notice it until I did the butterfly stretch in front of my friend.


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