Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This Commercial Makes Me ANGRY!!!!!

First, just watch:

Maybe I am being waaaaaaaaay over sensitive or just looking to pick a fight, but there is something about this commerical that makes me bang my head into my desk, do many face palms, and get that stomach twisting effect of awkwardness only Michael Scott can provide.

I have nothing against her. Its just something about him. I guess its when he asks, "What is a marathon? 26 point.....?"

and then blah blah blah blah, "Anyone can run 26, its that last......."

Now, you all know I have given up on society knowing what a marathon is, afterall, I just ran a marathon this morning by running that 100 yards to my car.

But if you were a marathon runner, and you were on a first date with a non runner (obviously he is NOT a runner!), and the person opposite you asked, "What is a marathon? (insert guessed distance here)" What would you do?

And yes, I am prolly just trying to pick a fight because I am grasping at straws. But hey! Its a Tuesday, so why not!


  1. What is this "date" thing of which you speak? I'm confused.

  2. bwahaha, I was going to comment on the fact that she is obviously TNT but I like Victoria's comment better.

    It's gotten to the point where I just assume that nobody knows what a marathon/triathlon/ironman is. I have that damn conversation every day. Yes its 26.2 miles. Yes, that is a long distance. No, I don't have to walk. Yes, it requires a lot of training. Well, you probably could if you wanted to.

  3. Hmmm, not really sure what 26.2 has to do with match.com advertising? Must be trying to target runners now?

    Anyways... that whole first date, first conversation in life awkward meeting moment was totally awkward, even her laugh was fake ;)

    As a marathoner... the last 0.2 is the easiest. It's around mile 20 or so when there is no one around you and there is no one cheering and it is bitter cold out and pouring rain that you hate your life and have absolutely no good reasons why you are out there... that is the hard part... the last 0.2 is all fans, all happiness because you know you are done running in a matter of minutes... this commercial is a total fake.

    Yup, that is my take haha.

  4. Wanna thumb wrestle!!! I accept the challenge, I woke up in a mood as well.

    Now in this corner, from New York, Jon "The Professor"

    And in this Corner, from parts unknown, B Double D, Big Daddy Diesel

    YOu think we can get this on pay per view, I need gear and have no money to get them

    sorry, got off the topic, I stopped caring along time ago, my response now is "Cool, (insert next race on my schedule) is coming up, come do it with me" Watch them back out faster then me with a camera around

  5. Good job Match.com. Way to pair her up with someone that has no understanding of what she likes to do!

    That relationship is going to go well when he finds out she gets up a 430am to training. Well, maybe she doesn't since she was wearing a TnT shirt. Boom!

  6. So Corny!! Ugh! I hate telling people that the IRON Girl (Which is a sprint triathlon) Is NOT the same as the IronMan!! THey should've given it a different name!

  7. ha! That relationship is going to work out really well.

  8. I'm with Matty - mile 20 is the absolutely hardest and the last .2 is sheer bliss.

    Also, didn't you know that a marathon is 80 MILES?!?!? Next time someone asks, just tell them that.

  9. Non-runners know not of what they speak and she was thinking "I am not dating that guy!" after his stupid comment!

  10. haha I'm with MattyO and Beth! Hilarious commercial, seems like she should be dating another runner or someone who seems more active. But I realized that most non runners don't know the exact distance, but that guys joke annoyed me, lol

  11. Jeff nailed it! That's really funny that match.com totally missed on the hobbies for the lovely couple. I, like you, Jon, have given up on society knowing anything from triathlons to marathons. It's just ignorance!

  12. So, really, Match.com matched her up with someone she has nothing in common with. Winning! (ps... I can say this because I met my hubby on Match.com). HA!

  13. Meh...She can do lots better!

  14. @Jeff - DangleTheCarrot

    Jeff's comment is hilarious.

    Matt's comment is even better b/c that 0.2 is nothing at that point. It's between Mile 19.5 and 20.5 that you wonder if they are just going to suck the rest of life out of you.

    BDD and you in a PPV thumb wrestle I would rather pay to see than Reel Steel or as I call it Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.

  15. I think you missed the joke. It's about the silliness of having a race with such a specific distance that has no historical basis other than the whims of British royalty. "Hey man, how far is the nearest gas station?"
    "Oh, I'd say it's about 6.2 miles down the road." Who talks like that? At least that distsnce works out to an even 10k. And don't even get me started on Kona. Stupid, arbitrary distances originally based on races held on an island it's no longer even held on.

  16. It always gets me that people don't know how long a marathon is. Even before I was running marathons I knew how long they were.

    I kindof think the commercial is funny

  17. ohh he's just trying to flirt with her. he at least guessed "26...". he probably knew the answer but wanted to flirt with her. (i'm trying to be nice)

    usually i get "how long was that marathon?" or "didn't you do a 5k marathon?"

    yes. 3.1 miles. INTENSE.

  18. Jeff hit the nail on the head. Way to go Match.Com for matching up two people with different hobbies.

    I want to see a Colleen and Tom Match.com commercial!

  19. She should have said: What's a marathon? It's dedication and commitment. You have either of those things?

  20. What ever happened to a good old personal add in the Village Voice? Where's the mystery? The intrigue?

    Actually, I like the idea of being paired up with someone with different interests; opens you up to new experiences. Of course having some things in common helps, but maybe he'll start running now! I actually thought he was being very tongue in cheek about the marathon distance and the last .2 miles; pretty funny to me. I think we triathletes/marathoners take ourselves way too seriously sometimes. It's just a race. No disrespect intended.

  21. Someone just asked me if I was running "the marathon" this weekend. There is no marathon. It's a 5k. All I could do was walk away.

  22. For local people who have no idea how far 26.2 miles actually is, I try to put it in perspective by saying "it's like running around Lake Harriet 9 times" or something that they could understand. For everyone else who is in that "Yeah... I did one of those 5K marathons once" I just nod and say OK. =/


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