Thursday, September 8, 2011


(The post of this title came to me on a whim, just like getting your pumick stumped or a dog tagging its wail.)

#1: I have ran two times this week. 30 minutes each, holding a 9+ min/mile pace. Shall we say I am about to start back all over again with this running thing? .....I am not allowed to run more than 30 mins, 4 times a week. Let's also say that my Ironman fitness confidence level has just been zapped. Bummer.

#2: I need to reshave my legs again :( know, so the tape holds!

#3: My toenail has yet to fall off......but boy does it want to!


  1. That toe looks painful! Sorry that you're starting all over again on the whole run thing. That's a bummer. You'll get back into it as things heal!

  2. You have such sexy legs! LOL! I'm sorry to hear things are still not where they need to be. Have you thought about aqua jogging? It helps keep up the cardio, I know cuz it's all the cardio I get these days, it's boring as hell but worth it in the end. Just do it as long as you'd be out running and it helps supplement. I know many people that got injured during training sessions and did this while they recovered and were still able to go out and run the races they had planned, albeit without the PR they were shooting for, but they finished and sometimes that's all we can hope for. Good luck buddy!

  3. Well, I would just be glad that you are able to run at all, sounds like your runners knee problem isn't as severe as it could be. 30 min of running 4 times a week is decent enough, hope you get to run more soon! Maybe just do more biking and swimming in the meantime?

  4. And not at all because you like that smooth, silky feel, or the strawberry scented shave cream and pink razors :)

  5. yes, we shall say its start over with this running thing:) dont I know it

  6. I dont think it was zapped, I think its a mental hurdle that combined with the injury is messing with your head.

    On the legs, Nair last 3x's longer then a chave and waxing last 4-5 weeks long

  7. I prefer the baby powder scented shave gel.

  8. isn't the scratchy regrowth the worst? maybe you should go get waxed...

  9. Bang the toe into something, that should make the nail fall off :)

  10. Sorry about the limited running, but hopefully you'll be able to add a bit each week. Does the tape help? I'm assuming it does if you are keeping up the shaving!

  11. Starting over... You say that like it's a bad thing!

    Here's some unsolicited advice from a veteran runner who's still learning new tricks. (And not just rolling over at oh-dark-thirty and playing dead).

    1: Try novel ways to run. I recently had a bunch of hours to kill with the kids in tow over several days the past few weeks while I shuttled my wife to appointments in downtown Austin. Rather than commute the hour back home and return I opted to double stroller-run the great hike & bike trail that I spent my college years mastering. The kiddos would eventually konk out, and following the golden rule of Never Wake a Sleeping Toddler, these lazy "fun-runs" eventually morphed into bona fide half-marys. Took two hours+ to gitrdun, but I was pushing easily 75-100 pounds of crumbmunchers, snack-packs, and sippy cups, sometimes straight uphill. I've heard of carrying nutrition on a run, but thus was ridiculous! People were looking at me funny around mile 8 when I would be snarfing animal crackers just to stay conscious.

    Oh, and don't forget this is the CoT were talking about, where until this week it's been triple digit temps at 11am. The point is not that I'm insane--even if true--it's that it's good to shake things up with crazy variants of your typical training plans. Prior to those weeks, my volume hadn't exceeded a few 5 or 10ks per week, and then suddenly I'm running several weighted half-marys in the same time frame (plus the usual amount of biking/swimming.

    So fast forward to this morning's interval speed workout and I'm apparently now able to run sub-6 milers, completely out if the blue. I've never been this fast in my life. Still shell-shocked, to be honest.

  12. Which brings me to bullet point 2 (or was it B?) Anyway:

    Run/bike/swim with a metronome/cadence beeper of sone sort. This thing has changed everything for me. I picked up a Finis waterproof model that clips to anything, including swim goggles. I knew it was common in cycling to care about your RPMs in cycling, but never thought to apply it to running until I read a tip from Hunter Kemper saying that he believed a high leg turnover rate of 90rpms or greater was also necessary for speedy run splits. This shit works! You feel like Scooby Doo fleeing a ghost, but you will blaze! And the key bit is the pacer keeps you perfectly on target. I never realized how many subtle "hiccups" my body would take during a hard run, throwing me off pace ultimately. The cadence counter exposes them bare and eventually eliminates them. I feel like a Terminator on runs now. They are executed to perfection. Your mind will even try and trick you into slowing down by convincing you that the cadence interval has slowed down on its own--which of course it hasn't--but man, your mind can be such a lying puss! It's almost kind of funny when it happens. You find yourself saying "Nice try, dick!"--to yourself.

    Biking is trickier, since you're changing gears and it's tough to stay perfectly in sync. But it definitely prevents the lazyman gearmash that it's so easy to fall into.

    Ironically, I have yet to use it for swimming, its intended purpose.

    The end.


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