Monday, September 12, 2011

A Shave and a Juicer

Boy is my training mojo just GONE! Its ok, my body needs the break, since it is basically broken.

So now that I don't ride 5 hours every Saturday and run forever every Sunday, I am still trying to find ways on how to be a "normal" person and fill the free time my weekends now provide.

For you guys out there, have you ever gotten a straight razor shave done?

I never have. It was quite the experience! Since this was a straight razor, i.e., no nice Mach3 shave gaurds, my first question to the guy was, "Sooooo, how long have you been doing this?" His response of 9 years was enough assurance.

And talk about a smooooooth shave! I wreaked of coco butter for the rest of the day.

My legs are still smoother ;)
Now, for the rest of you: Have you ever juiced before?

I'm gonna go into greater detail later why I bought a juicer, but holy crap is this thing amazing! It sounds like a freaking nuclear powered jet engine in my kitchen! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I made OJ first. Remember in Indiana Jones when the big German dude gets minced by the airplane's propellers? These poor was an instant death!

Then I made apple cider. So the apple didn't disapear immediately until I pushed down on it with the pusher-downy-thing.... BAM! That apple was mush!

Oh! Side note: Did you know that non pasturized apple cider ferments naturally if you can stick into an airtight container that allows CO2 to escape? Well, I didn't, but now I do! And because I have all of this brewing equipment, I could literally start making apple cider TONIGHT.

Tis the season for apples this fall. I'm gonna make so many apple products, cider donuts included, that I am gonna be sick of apples by January!


  1. You seem very, very excited about this. Yikes. Be careful with OD'ing on apples. I made so many pies one fall I couldn't eat apple pie for like 5 years. Very sad.

  2. Nope, never had a straight razor shave, but I might have to on your recommendation! That juicer sounds amazing! I love fresh fruit in all its forms! Yummy!

  3. HA! Just had my first barber shop shave like that a week before IMLP
    was freakin
    the dude down the hall from us is sports barber that does all the Vikings haircuts and shaves

  4. I'm looking forward to Fall because of Apples. Well, also Fall beers too...

  5. That sounds so freaking good (the apple products!)

    I haven't had a barber shop shave before - do they do legs? ;)

  6. Straight razor shaves are FREAKING AWESOME!!!

  7. We have that exact same juicer and it truly is amazing. Gives a decent juice output, is fun to use, etc etc...I wish the cleanup was easier but I guess that is what happens when juicing!

  8. The turbines on anything nuclear powered are incredibly loud. I don't think your juicer measures up.

  9. Have you ever gone to the apple cider / donut joint across from IBM on the way to Armonk? It is literally about a stone's throw away from Armonk. I think that is 9W if I am not mistaken.

    Go if you haven't.

    BTW - have you tried Johnny's Pizza in Mount Vernon yet?

  10. My legs are still smoother ;) - haha

    Never done a straight shave. First thing that comes to mind is the scene in the Untouchables where DeNiro gets nicked.

  11. Yeah? Well, I bought a cheap spinning bike from Academy yesterday. How do you like them apples?

  12. i have a juicer and its collecting dust! i need to start using it again!

    does a barber shave the netherregions?

  13. I LOVE making hard cider. I make apple wine and mead (honey wine) also. Both are really easy.



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