Thursday, September 22, 2011

Injury Update: There is Hope

I had a MAJOR setback this week regarding my knee. Bummer....

Last week was a HUGE turnaround. I ran 4 times and each run got better and more pain free. Last Saturday's run was a nice and easy 40 mins of bliss. I felt like this was it: The Turnaround.

Que Sunday: With my tri bike all refitted and my cycling strength returning I went out for a 60 min cruise. The only thing that hurt were my arms, due to the lack of riding in that position. Unfortunately by the end of the ride I felt "that" pain in the medial area of the knee cap. Crap. Its not the aero position that is causing the pain, its standing up and climbing on that bike that is causing the pain. Must be the cramped position that is causing me to wrench my knee in a bad way. So no more TT bike this Fall :(

I iced and took my anti-inflammatory meds, hoping to nip the pain.

Que Monday: Another easy 40 min run. Although I felt some pain, it wasn't horrible. Later that day at work it got worse, and worse, and worse. The "movie goers" knee returned. Shit. That night I am at PT and they have me warm up for 10 minutes on the stationary bike. I lasted 2 minutes and 30 seconds. WHAT THE HELL!!!!

Que Tuesday: I lasted 20 minutes on the trainer before I could pedal no longer. Fuck.

Que Wednesday: Day off from biking or running. I had finally HAD IT! I did last the full 10 minutes on the stationary bike at PT, but I told me PT I am done for now.

Sooooo after talking to my coach I did nothing today, and nothing tomorrow, and will try a short and easy run on Saturday. If I feel this thing act up ONCE, I am stopping, and walking home, but with my head high and calling it a month with both biking and running.

Before I go COMPLETELY all negative Nancy on you, THERE IS HOPE!!!

After looking at my logs (this is why you keep logs!) the past two years, I have taken a break from running every September. Last year, I ran a total of 20 miles during the entire month of September. That was partly due to a 10 day vacation down in Florida, but mostly due to tendinitis in my left foot. I was still able to rally, and come back stronger than ever in October and ultimately PR a 10K race in early December, before settling into Ironman training in January.



  1. It sounds like you are playing it safe. Better to take it easy now so that you are ready to go in Jan. What IM are you doing?

  2. I typed that wrong... I meant to say good idea on playing it safe. sorry.

  3. I think you are due a vacation from all the crazy training. Take it easy for a bit and let those needs heal!

  4. Jon, I feel for you bro.

    Now time for the tough love. Stop running and biking right now. Don't run on Saturday. Don't run for two weeks. The loss in fitness is not worth the damage you keep inflicting with every run or ride. You need some time off. You knee needs some time off. You know this is the right call, step back and think about it.

  5. This is precisely why swimming is included in triathlon, mon frere. Hit the pool, Jack. And don't you come back until you can average 1:15's.

  6. I think a 10 day Florida vacation in Florida is just what the doctor ordered. Maybe mix it up this year and check out Hawaii - I hear there is a pretty big race this October somewhere called Kona??? Never heard of it before though. :-P

  7. There is always hope.

    Now go take a vacation and truly rest up since as a Type-A personality you are going to see your bike or running shoes and want desperately to get some work in.

  8. Dude, listen to Jeff. You'll come back much sooner and healthier if you take some time off. I don't mean 2 days then a test run, actual time off. Your fitness will come back quickly, and if you take the time to heal there's no reason you won't be racing in December. Sorry, and good luck!!!

  9. Jeff X2

    good job turning around the NegNancy...and good news its the same formula you used for success last year!

    now rest recover and get ready


  10. Hmmm... well here are my thoughts. After dealing with my injury crap all year... stop biking. That obviously is causing the biggest inflamation.

    Hit the pool and only do base pace running or whatever your recovery pace is. Trust me, I ran 9:30 pace alllll day all summer no matter what the workouts... I still can run easily under 7 minute pace today (sustained).

    The body is an amazing thing, its the mind that you are conditioning more so running at faster paces in training (in my opinion).

    Slow your run pace down to a jog. You get the endorphins still and you are still getting outside and being active.

    If after 1 of these runs there is pain... pull running out of the mix too and just keep hitting the pool.

    I thought you were doing TRX to keep you occupied anyways!

    That is my opinion, my ART doc believes you can properly train through injuries, you have to make adjustments, but you can still train.

    Be smart, take a step back and look at what you are doing. You would read this on my blog and give me shit :)

  11. 'at a boy!!! Don't let the Negative Nate get in your head, give yourself some time to recover and never stop reminding yourself that you'll be back out there in no time, crushing PR's and training for IM's.

  12. First of all, I'm so sorry that your knee is still giving your problems. But, I gotta agree with Jeff on this one. I really think your body just needs a real break from training. Taking a day or two off may not cut it. Take some real time off and just recover!

  13. I am with Jeff and Aimee on this one, not worth it in the long run

  14. I'm with most everyone above, I would stop biking for now at least. It seems weird that biking would cause you pain, but running didn't. That seems backwards to me. Does it relate to your tight hip muscles that caused one leg to appear shorter than the other? If you don't feel pain after running, then maybe keep running, but do it at a decently slow pace.

    Swimming seems like the safest activity for you right now. Just seems like your body is asking for a break. Make sure to stretch out a lot and foam roll too.

    I feel like my knee injury is finally starting to go away, yesterday I did a 30 min half walk/half run, it seemed to go okay. I did feel some pain when I got back home, though I think part of it is just that I haven't ran in like 5-6 months, so my knees aren't used to the pounding yet. The session yesterday went better than the 30 min session I did on Saturday. So my body might finally be slowly turning around toward the positive.

  15. I somehow started the rants by Rob Straz on your coaches homepage, hilarious!

    One of my favorite quotes - "You've got a friggin cold - life will go on."

    I'll have to read his monthly rants for sure now!

  16. Eff it. Just have your PT take the leg. You don't really need it. You'd probably be faster without it anyway. Just make sure they know to do it above the knee, and mark the correct leg with a sharpie before you hit the OR. I would circle and triple star it too just in case you get one of those dyslexic surgeons. "So, are we talking HIS right or MY right? Chart's not real clear on this... I'm going with his right."

  17. Oh, and shit in one hand and hope in the other and see which one fills up first.

    I have no idea what that's supposed to mean but people in the Army used to say that all the time so I feel compelled to pass along that little nugget of Confucian wisdom. Keep the change.


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