Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm A Mess, But I am Going to Keep this Positive!

I am a believer in Karma. Really.

You do something negative, nature is gonna find a way to get even. You do something positive, expect your good deed to be rewarded.

Sooooooo, for every "my life sucks" thing I write, I am gonna counter it with a "my life is awesome" thing. Cool?

Bad News: I met with my coach yesterday for an adjustment to my bike fit and we discovered that my left leg might be longer than my right leg. At PT this morning, we confirmed this. My left leg is 1/2 longer than my right! Son of A....! Its not that my bones are longer, but because my hips are so unaligned. One of my hip muscles is super tight, causing this. More stretches have been added....

Good News: I met with my coach  yesterday for an adjustment to my bike fit. He moved the position of my cleats and we adjusted my saddle height, moved it forward, and adjusted the bar height. Unfortunately I need a new saddle and longer 80mm stem. Fortunately! I found a BRAND NEW Selle Italia saddle and 80mm stem in my box of spare parts. Score!

Bad News: Getting anything done at work has been a major pain in the ass. We have had more power outages and network issues this past month than I can ever imagine.

Good News: I am getting a promotion! I am going from a "Fur Technical Director", jumping over the Senior level and straight to a "Lead Fur Technical Director" position. Basically doing all of the feather work on these two birds:
And the movie making nearly $500,000,000 worldwide helped things out!

Bad News: Tomorrow is supposed to be my first race since Placid, a 4 miler in Central Park. I can't do the race due to my lingering knee issue. Also, I am supposed to do a half marathon in Central Park in 2 weeks, but that race is out as well. I was hoping to PR the distance at that will have to wait until January or March instead.

Good News: Yesterday I had a pain free ~38 minute run! My longest run yet without any pain. Now, I ran at a 9:30 pace the entire time, but I am taking this as a small victory! Seems that running slow is allowing me to run pain free AND keep my mental sanity in check.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. With PT/stretching/strengthening you will be able to shorten that leg up. And/or take a saw to it. No problem.

    Congrats on the promotion!

    Sorry about your other races, but remember National half is goal A#1! Just work on getting healthy for it. Aquajogging?

  2. Just cut a 1/2in off your left leg and all should be good (-:

    Sounds like adjustments can be made and get you back to your normal fast self. Luckily the offseason is the time to get right so that could fall in to the GOOD section, right?

    Congrats on the big promotion, you are the best damn featherman in the biz!

  3. Congrats on what I'm calling a Double Promotion. Go celebrate at Johnny's and I won't stop telling you to do so until you go....HA!

  4. Hi Jon - just found your blog, congrats on IMLP and all your other races! I'm doing it next year - I live nearish to you - in Stamford CT, would be interested to know where you do your cycling and if you had a local coach? I haven't had one up to this point but I really want to get better on the bike and generally make sure that I am ready for the distance! Thanks!

  5. I have the same leg length/tight hip thing! And I would LOVE to work where you work. Need an IT director?

  6. I get the hip tilt as well. I'm probably at a chiropractor 15x's a year or more. A quick low back adjustment sets me straight.
    Not sure if you've been to a chiro before. Just keep in mind some are better than others.

    Once again we won't catch up at the NYRR race. Ha! I just signed up for 4 more of them today. (got to get my 9 in for the year)

    Take care of that knee!

  7. So you can hire me!! Hooray!

    I know a few people who went to a chiropractor for that same short-leg situation. Just a suggestion!

  8. Congrats on the promotion! I've told lots of my friends about how I know the guy that made Rio, and they're super impressed. I just got angry birds-RIO on my mac. Thanks to you for that too.

    I hear ya on the misalignment with the hips. Mine are like that too.

  9. Congratulations on the promotion and pain free run!

  10. 2x with Jeff, you can just glue it back on when your hips realign

  11. 3x with Jeff and BDD!

    Good luck with the tight hip, that is great that you were able to determine that one leg was longer than the other!

  12. Watch out what you're calling slow there ;) Cheer up, I had a 4 month rough patch this year and survived, there are donuts to be had very soon!

  13. Oh, this sounds so familiar. Get well buddy.

  14. Congratulations on both the promotion and the pain free run! That first run back after a long layoff is always so nice...

  15. Congrats!!!! $$$$$$$$$ = more triathlon gear!

  16. So does this mean that you are actually a half inch shorter than previous claims? Or are you taking the benefit of the doubt and measuring your height on your "good side"??? haha

    Congrats on the promotion! Nice work on skipping a level.

  17. I have had that issue too. No offense to anyone, but I would stay away from the chiro. I had very bad experiences though. Talk to your PT about traction. Helped me out tons.

    Congrats on the promotion! Does this mean Ernie is now really going to be a star???

  18. If you're having "short leg" issues, don't go to a chiro, see a pshrink.

    Ba-dum-chish. I'm here all week. Try the veal.

  19. lots of good news going on here !!!

    huge congrats on the promotion
    doing more featherwork for theRio birds = Rio 2?


  20. I like how you found positives to the negatives! I'm sorry about your hip/knee issues! Hopefully with the PT and added stretching you'll get better soon!
    I had a major bike refit awhile ago and it made a world of difference in how I felt on the bike! I'm sure you'll notice a difference too!

    Woohoo for the promotion!! Awesome!

  21. My left leg is longer than my right and my left foot is bigger than my right haha.

    Messes up my stride a bit and stretching typically helps get rid of aches and pains in my body due to the misalignment.

    I need to be re-fit to my bike. The IT Bands flare up after every ride now... sucks.

    Stay positive man. I did almost all my runs this year at 9:30 pace :) Aint nothing wrong with that!

  22. That is awesome about the promotion!!

    Bummer about the leg, but you know, at least you know now and maybe streching will help.

    On another note, I met a guy who was Chrissie Wellington's "chef" while she was at Gunstock the past 2-3 years. He said she was fawesome (we knew that) and that she ate nothing but hard boiled eggs, dry toast, plain pasta and tuna. Huh.


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