Friday, September 2, 2011

And the Diagnosis is IN! Helloooooo Runner's Knee!

Its sorta anticlimactic that the orthopedist's diagnosis was classic runner's knee (I was hoping for a new syndrome that had never been seen and could be named after me) but at least its a well known issue that can be solved. I think the most frustrating part about this is that it took almost 4 weeks for the classic signs of runner's knee to finally develope. I mean, the first two weeks the pain was in the side of my knee, before it started to move across to the top of the knee cap and then to the bottom of the knee cap.

So yesterday was a whirlwind of Dr's and PT appointments. First, I got lucky with getting the Orthopedist appointment. After I had my general practitioner's appointment, I immediately called the orthopedist and the receptionist said, "I can fit you in either 9:30 tomorrow AM.........or October."

"9:30 please!!!!"

That was my biggest fear, not getting in until weeks or months later.

They were quick @ the orthopedist. X-rays were immediately taken:

This ruled out any signs of a stress fracture
Followed by the Dr's diagnosis of runner's knee. Then a Patt strap was placed on me for Patellar Support

Was prescribed a heavier than advil anti inflamatory for two weeks. Then I was off for my first of a 6 week trial of PT sessions. The first occured 2.5 hours after the Orthopedist appointment!

Taped, iced, and elevated
Lately due to the frustration of not being able to run, I have been taking my rage out on the road bike. I have been eating hills like crazy and the other night I was riding with a few coworkers when this group of roadies comes flying up behind us just as we are all going up this hill. I had had it. So I caught them all and then dropped them all. It felt good.....oh! And your Ironman bike fitness goes NOWHERE for loooong time.

But I still had to ice after that ride and another ride last night.....


At the end of PT, I get taped up with Kinesio tape for extra patellar support. Unfortunately having hairy legs does not play well with tape. It doesn't stick and hurts like heck taking it off. Sooooooo, I had to shave one leg around the knee....

I now know why male cyclists and triathletes shave their legs. They are vain! They just like to look at the definition of their legs ;) Now that I have funky tan lines and a partly shaved leg, should I just shave both legs? Uhg.....

So for three times a week for the next six weeks, I go into PT for leg strengthening. The PT's assessment yesterday was in line with what is causing the pain: My leg quad muscle is too weak compared to competing muscles that attach to the patella. Don't get me wrong! That quad muscle IS strong, just not AS strong as those competing muscles. Get it? It was a huge ego boost when Dr. Zelicof, told me "You are a strong guy, just imbalanced."

"IMBALANCED?!?! I already knew that! ..........Oh wait, you are talking about muscles! My bad!"


Every Dr and PT yesterday asked me what was left of my season and I said NYC Marathon to each. But I have already accepted that unless a miracle occurs, I won't be going into that race in the form that I feel is required for running a marathon and making it count. So if the NYC Marathon doesn't occur, again, then I am ok with that.

Priority #1 is to GET HEALTHY!

And that is already in motion :)

Have a great long weekend and happy training!


  1. Shave both of the legs man, you look TOTALLY unbalanced in that picture haha.

    Keep playing it smart. Patience is what I found works.

    Have a great weekend man.

  2. shave your legs! shave your legs! You gotta show off your rockin' Ironman leg muscles!

    ugh... the dreaded runner's knee... I've been there. But the good thing is, you can fix it just by strengthening - hooray! Are the docs doing ART too? That seemed to really speed up my recovery combined with the strength work.

  3. I am with everyone else, shave the legs!

    I am glad that you have a diagnosis and are already on the road to recovery!

  4. hahahah one partially shaved leg looks HILARIOUS!!!

  5. So glad it wasn't anything more serious!!! PT will shape you up and for the love of all things just shave them both!

  6. Shave those legs dude. You don't want your imbalance to get worse with one leg having to pull all the hair weight and the other flowing through the air freely.

  7. Ok... seriously... the one shaved leg looks ridiculous! Join the club! Be vain! haha!

  8. Yeah, shave them both. Otherwise it just looks silly.

    I'm sorry about the diagnosis but at least now you know? Be good with your PT and you'll be back in no time.

  9. First off, very sorry you will not have a new disease named after you: "So, doc says I am suffering from Jon Campbell Knee."

    At least you know what it is and how to get better right?

    I say do not shave. Be different. Be unique. And considering it will be snowing there in 3 weeks does it really matter?

  10. bahahahahaha your legs look hilarious. shave them both!

  11. Yay for finally figuring out what was wrong! It sounds like you're getting some good PT and rest! You'll be back out there before you know it, but you're right, getting healthy is #1!!
    And, I agree with the other...shave both legs!

  12. You can handle a little runner's knee! :) Def shave both legs, just give in!!!! Looks way better.

    If you want to do an easier ride we should plan one that involves a sweet, carby snack midway. I'm so beat up it's pathetic so I'm doubtful I'll have any fitness left come September 12.

  13. Shave them both! hahaha. On the road to recovery!

  14. Glad you have a diagnosis and can move forward! Maybe you should just shave your right calf? Then people would really look at you strangely!

  15. Oh, that's terrible! At least you got the diagnosis and are on your way to healing. Try not to rush it.

  16. I'm with Jeff, bummer they didn't originally name it Jon Campbell knee!

    Runners knee was what I suspected for you, this entire post almost sounds like exactly what I went through back in April. Runners knee symptoms didn't seem to set in immediately, it seemed like over about a month until it really set in and I had a problem.

    Your entire post and everyone's comments seem right on - strengthening and PT will likely cure it. Wouldn't surprise me if the routine you end up doing is somewhat similar to what I am doing now for rehab.

    Along with runners knee on my left knee, I have a tight IT band that I've been dealing with too. Not sure if you have this as well. While now the around the kneecap pain can generally subsided, I mainly feel IT band pain if I feel pain at all. I am still foam rolling and stretching daily.

    I have a patella strap, but I haven't used it yet, I should try it on the elliptical to see how it goes with it. I haven't tried running yet. At least you can bike, I would just hammer whatever activities don't hurt you - whether that is bike or swim. I wouldn't try running until you think you are better.

    And the shaving, I have no idea, haha I did have some kineso tape put on me, and yea it was painful to take off with hair below it! lol

  17. I dealt with runner's knee in spring '10 and still feel occasional twinges, but the PT exercises work. Biofreeze is also killer if you don't have it already. I'm glad you got a quick diagnoses and it's such a treatable thing! Not as cool as "john Campbell one-leg-shave syndrome" though. :)

  18. well this sounds more manly than movie theater knee... i think you should shave stripes in your legs or something.

  19. Man up on the shaving, dude!! And good luck with the recovery and knee healing. Glad you are now on the right track.

  20. I'd go with John Campbell knee and I'd go ahead and shave. Now you have an excuse to try it and you just might like it :-).

  21. Shave them legs, Jon! It's just plain sexy. And, that's the reason I shave mine. Sorry to hear about the runner's knee, but I'm glad you at least know what's going on now. Good luck with the healing.

  22. I vote for shaving bare only one half your entire body a la Harvey Two Face. And then you must grow a Rollie Fingers handlebar stache to accentuate the look. You could be a walking exhibit for the before/after puberty effect. Coming soon to a Jr. High near you! Or you could start a new fragrance line. Pubescence. By Calvin Klein. Don't hate him because he's shavable.

  23. Or how about, Male Porn Star: then and now.

    Though I cannot vouch for the anatomical accuracy of this exhibit.

  24. Sorry to hear about your knee! But I feel your pain. I'm dealing with 'something' myself. Haven't decided if it's Achilles issues or PF or both, either way they are are a bitch and I refuse to go to the dr. Oh well.

    By the way, tan lines are funky with or without hair. Mine are awful this year.

  25. Ohhhhhhhhh ok!! I got it now

    Good to at least know what is wrong, hope it clears up fast


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