Monday, October 3, 2011

Sasquatch, Charlie Brown, and Darth Vader In One Post?

Oh yeah!......mostly the title was just to lure you in ;)

Guessing I haven't watched too much TV this year (due to training? HA!) so I have been seeing some commercials that stand out, either disgust me or make me laugh my ass off, or make me smile.

Here goes:
McDonalds Sunday Football
This guy.............JUST. NEEDS. TO. GROW. A. PAIR. Seriously dude!!!! Man card revoked!!!!

VW Young Darth Vader
I always wind up with the BIGGEST grin every time I see this commercial. Its been on since the super bowl last February and I still don't mind watching it over and over again. Basically that little kid was me when I was 5. And it has the greatest theme song of all time.

Planet Fitness "I Pick Things Up and Put Them Down"
Now I just laugh my ass off whenever this comes on. Its so stupid its funny and its a horrible stereotype commercial, but that dude is HUGE!!! Google search determined him as Silvio Kersten, who served 9 years in the German Navy and is a pro body builder and trainer.

Finally, in the spirit of Fall, Football, and Charlie Brown's eternal punishment:

Beef Jerkey, Messing With Sasquatch:

How'd your weekend go? Congrats to those who raced, PR'ed, or tackled new distances in racing and training!


  1. Alright this was hilarious LOL somehow didn't see the fitness one or the sasquatch one yet???

    I cried a bit with the sasquatch one LOL!

  2. Those are all classics! My favorite is the VW one. That kid is pretty cute. FYI, I'll be posting a new post soon with a special picture for you! :)

  3. I love those commercials. For the first I would tell the guy to grow a pair also! Sunday is for football!

  4. I don't know what any of this is, I don't watch tv. sigh.

  5. I love the VW commercial. That kid is hilarious. And I'd say there's just as much wrong with the girl in the McDonald's commercial as the guy. Such a diva...

  6. Are you on a commercial binge now? First Match.Com, now this. I have a DVR so that I don't have to watch commercials. haha!

  7. I love the Darth Vader one. I was laughing the first time I saw it.

  8. First time to see the Planet Fitness one - hysterical!

    How is that knee feeling?

  9. I think Darth Vader is going to be an all-time classic because it resonates with our generation.

    Still shaving the legs and getting healthy?

  10. The first one, have to be a man to have a man card

    Love, LOVE the Lil VAder one

    Ok bigfoot, totally unreal, If I saw one with the guys, I wouldnt be standing around playing football with him

  11. lol on the commercials, I feel like I never watch commercials anymore now that we have DVRs! Only time is while watching sports!

    Thanks for the link on the running rehab plan, that is actually sort of what I was following anyways, so that plans seems like a good one.

  12. I thought sundays were for long rides. No?


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