Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Its getting colder out. Have you calculated your Jen's Factor yet?

The fine folks at Cyclocosm have provided us with a guide to winter wear on the bike, compared to Jens Voigt. I guess it could apply to running as well? For those of you who don't know who Jens Voigt is, he is the BAMF of the peleton. Chuck Norris has got nothing on this guy, just check out the Jens Voigt facts.

Some examples: "The term "sufferfest" was originally coined to describe Jens' rest days" or "Jens Voigt has four heart rate training zones: anger, rage, fury and breakaway."

Back to clothing choices, my favorite "overview" is Jens Factor4:
Overview: ran your mouth and/or lost a bet
Apparel: balacalava, Hampsten Oaklies
Conditions: marginal, rugged, "epic"

But of course Jens Factor 6 takes the cake:
Overview: suicidal herosim
Apparel: spacesuit
Conditions: apocalyptic, biblical, hardcore



  1. I have a tri in 2 weeks, I am dreading what Jens Factor I will need to use

  2. Jens is a stud! I don't mind winter riding, but I so much prefer riding in the warmth. It's almost time to break out the tights!

  3. Love it! I think we're about to get into the Jens Factor 2 and I'm not ready for it!

  4. lol on the Jens factor!

    That guy is indeed the man - his crash during the 2009 Tour de France was one of the worst crashes I've ever seen. He seems to love to suffer on the bike, he has the heart of a champion.


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