Thursday, March 31, 2011

This is NOT an April Fool's Joke

March put it bluntly,




After almost 60 hours of efforts (I came up 3 mins short), I wound up with:
Swim: 35,250 yards
Bike: 466.15 miles
Run: 155.52 miles (are you kidding me?!?!?)

Basically I got it done in March and this will be the volume to not only carry me through my Half Ironman in a mere 10 days, but also is setting me up perfectly with a solid base when I hit Ironman specific training on May 1st.

I never DREAMED of running that much in 31 days. That comes out to be 5 miles EVERY day! Looking back, I ran a total of 56.67 miles in March of '09, and just 87 miles during March of last year. (I had a 40 mile week this past month!)

March was a major yo-yo month. I had a good week, then I had a bad week, then I had an excellent week, then I had a crappy week, finishing (so far) with a pretty decent week.

I did one race, a 15K down in Central Park and had a HUGE PR (by 9 mins). I think the running volume with intensity, especially on some of the long runs, has finally paid off.

Here are some race photos for your enjoyment :)

WHAT am I looking at?!?

Chipmunk cheeks! Was I exhaling?

Actual finish time: 1:06:04
So to silence all of you race fashion policemen and policewomen, I wore tights this time :) Apparently running pants was a major running fashion crime! haha!

As of right now, my legs are 80% healed from the race and I am preparing for one last onslaught this weekend before Galveston. 3.5 hour ride on Saturday plus a 30 min brick, followed by a 2 hour run on Sunday. Wow! Its easy volume. NO intensity! A bit different from my past tapers but I trust my coach and I am sure he knows what he is preaching. (I think he is doing St. Croix in a few weeks to qualify for Kona).

Have a good weekend!


  1. Wow,those are some amazing numbers for the month!! I just hate race pics, but yours aren't bad at all.

  2. What a stud! Those numbers are CRAZY! I don't know if I DROVE as far as you ran this month. Way to go. You're going to rock that HIM!

    There's nothing wrong with a nice set of tights. Wear them with pride!

    Have fun on your workouts this weekend. They sound pretty intense.

  3. Dude, you killed March! Galveston is 100% yours.
    I really like that Finish Line photo, it looks like you're running out of the frame because you're THAT fast! :)

  4. If we would have lined up by bib numbers you would have been 4 spots ahead of me. I have a feeling our numbers won't be that close in the future unless I turn it up a notch or two.

    Hope your legs have recovered from Sunday.

  5. Holy cow...March was an awesome month for you! Those are some very impressive numbers! Congrats!! You are going to do so awesome in you HIM in a couple weeks!

  6. Wow, Jon! Those numers are amazing! I'm especially impressed with your swim number- how do you keep motivated in the pool?

  7. fantastic numbers!! you are doing really well- and don't be so critical of your own running pics...ur makin it look easy!

    Im going to follow your and Jeff's lead and just let the 70.3 incorporate into my training no taper just train the schedule and do the HIM

    Those running miles! I dont know if I have any months over 150 in the last 4 years thats just totally awesome. great work


  8. rock star numbers! sounds like you built a ton of fitness and confidence during this month...great way to head into race season!!!

  9. Wowza! Those are some amazing numbers! 60 hours - basically 2.5 DAYS spent training.

    I must have missed the fashion police last time. haha. I used to run in pants, but switched to tights last year. I could never go back.

  10. Nice vest Maverick!

    Great numbers Jon, especially that run volume - going to set you up perfect to beginning on May1. You are going to actually step back that run volume by probably 50mi!

  11. What a killer month! You are really going to do well in Te-jas! I didn't taper for the 70.3 I did almost 2 weeks ago, just took the day before as a rest a day and felt perfect on race day.

  12. Agree with Kevin, I can never go back to running in pants... weird.

    Are those Robo-Cops forearm gloves in your pictures?

    Dude, I don't know what to say except that you are going to blow the shorts off of anyone on that damn course!!!


  13. those ARE huge numbers! congrats.

  14. Hahaha nice April Fools joke, LOL no one does 4 ironmans in distance in a month!!!! Oh wait this isnt a joke, geez

    You look like a mini terminator in that race outfit

  15. You are a rock star! Congratulations on the super numbers!

  16. Those tights are still a little loose and pants-like ;)

    Dude, you're an animal, what a killer month. I feel fat and lazy in your presence!!!

  17. amazing volume! great job and super fast 15k!! sweet

  18. WOW!! Great pictures. You kicked Marches ass. Look out Galveston!

  19. Holy cow, that is some massive mileage! Super, super impressive. Galveston got nothing on you!

  20. Hey Jon, was that you that blew past me going uphill this morning, backroads of Greenwich?

  21. that's a lot of biking to be doing in NY/CT in March (/the cold). impressed all around.

  22. 3 minutes short... come one... you had that in you! :)

    Amazing job Jon. You're doing Texas 70.3 this weekend right?


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