Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Nerd Report: Week in Review....AND ANGRY BIRDS RIO!!! WOO HOO!

I'll try to keep the numbers down, but numbers wise, it was a HUGE week! Now into my 4th season of Triathlon, I just wrapped up my biggest week EVAR. 16 hours and a bunch of yards and miles later, my legs are DONE.

Swim: 8500 yards, 2:55:00
Bike: 131.71 miles, 7:26:10
Run: 41.02 miles, 5:36:13 (holy @#&%!!!!)

So THAT is what it is like to crack the 40 miles run in one week mark. I guess I was so busy rearranging my schedule and just working out that I didn't even notice the miles ticking by.

I had two breakthrough runs over the week. One was my weekly speed workout, where after a 15 min warmup, I went 9 x 2:00 fast, 2:00 easy, then a 10 min cool down. My legs felt AWESOME. It was an after work run so I ran into the darkness and it was also my first shorts and T-Shirt run of the season. You ever have those runs where you feel invincible? This was one of them.

The second breakthrough run was my long run on Saturday. It was a 90 min progression run where you go slow for 30 mins, medium for 30 mins, fast for 20 mins, then cool down for 10 mins. I did this same exact run on Feb 13th, so 5 weeks ago. I love runs that I repeat that I can compare data. Yes, I am a numbers nerd, but! nothing is better than looking at data that confirms progress. In the past 5 weeks, I HAVE progressed!

3/19 long run vs 2/13 long run
30 mins @ 144 bpm, 8:41 pace vs 144 bpm, 8:31 pace
30 mins @ 155 bpm, 7:45 pace vs 155bpm, 8:03 pace
20 mins @ 164 bpm, 7:00 pace vs 165 bpm, 7:27 pace
10 mins @ 146 bpm, 8:34 pace vs 150 bpm, 8:51 pace

So it look me a bit more to get warmed up, but once I was going, I was GOING! I also recovered way faster this time. I seem to recall that amputation was the only remedy after the 2/13 run. haha!

Today was my long run and brick day. My legs were not really feeling that well, but I still knocked out 58+ miles in 3 hours, then hit the run for my fastest yet brick run of the season. I wasn't even pushing it at first. I just ran by feel and then determined what I would do based upon how I felt at the turnaround. Wound up with:

4 miles, 30:27
Mile 1: 7:52
Mile 2: 7:37
Mile 3: 7:33
Mile 4: 7:27

My legs right now feel really good. They felt like crap after coming off of the bike, but got looser and felt better as the run progressed. Hope this happens in three weeks in Galveston!
Finally, here is my plug for my movie coming out on April 15th, Rio. We have partnered up with the folks who make Angry Birds and they have made a "Rio" version of it. Don't believe me?

Angry Birds is SO addicting! Can't wait to play this. They have replaced the pigs with the Monkeys from the movie. So funny!

AND! Wanna see the first two minutes of RIO? Yes you do!!!


If you are curious what I did in these first two minutes, I'll tell ya! Any parrot you see with feathers and fur is my work, as is the baby Blu bird, which was an express job, done in 4 weeks. I can't believe I did that bird that fast!

So I am extending my Exciting and Unusual Giveaway a bit more. If you want to win a signed Rio poster signed by yours truly, ENTER HERE!

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Great workouts! And what great videos! You are incredibly talented!

  2. WOW! awesome week Jon! Great videos too!! :)

  3. Dude -- Huge week running! Your legs have to be hurting!!!

    I am picking up the ipad as soon as I finish this comment to see if I can DL Angry Birds - Rio! This may end up being a very unproductive week!

    Awesome work on the feathers Jon! They look so darn life like!

  4. Wow - amazing number Jon!

    And I can't believe you did that work on the movie! So cool!

  5. Woohoo! What an amazing training week you had! Congrats on your awesome runs too!

    I can't believe you did the feather looks absolutely amazing!!

  6. Great training week!! Camp is coming soon!!

    Love the videos, your work is so cool!! I feel

  7. Congrats on the first 40 mile week! What a milestone!

    You have to be completely sick and tired of feathers at this point. The movie looks awesome!

    PS: I really, really, want to download Angry Birds Rio. But I also want to be semi-productive this week... Alright, Angry Birds Rio wins!

  8. Sometimes (like today) when I read your blog I get suddenly worried I am not training as much or hard enough as I need to be...and I wont be able to finish the race! Of course this is irrational but I am going to train harder today:)

    enough about me...UR doin flippin fantastic!! seriously way to go - excellent work all the way around.

    and love the feathers. When I used to hang out at friends house years ago they were heavy into video games....some of those games I wondered about the graphic artists that created the little make believe world and all the detail that goes into it. They played those first person war games I think Call of Duty and some other one? looks like new AngryBirds for the kids tonight instead of bedtime stories!

    great training


  9. Dude... alright, seriously... can you save some miles for the rest of us LOL. UN BE LIEVABLE!!!!!!

    Great week!

    You are going to be exceptional this year, no DOUBT!

    Now... onto the birds ;) LOVE these movies, can't wait to see it in the theatres :)

    Keep up the hard work man, crazzyyyy volume!

  10. You are so famous! I really wish my job was cool like your. Off to check out the app store!

  11. I am lucky to get 40 in a month, my legs are hurting from just thinking of what you did

  12. 7 minute pace on a long run? who are you and what did you do with the boy who crushes me on the bike but i can take in the run?

  13. Love the birds! (angry and otherwise).

    7 minute miles after running for an hour - dang!

  14. finally got to watch this vid - the little baby bird, so cute.


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