Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello March & February in Review

I wasted no time getting March going by hitting the track for the first time this season (the snow finally melted!) for a 30 x (20 sec hard, 40 sec easy) run workout. 20 secs all out over and over and over and over again start to hurt after awhile! I rounded out the morning with 6.78 miles.

So, Hello March! I have a feeling its going to be a good month, that is, it BETTER be a freaking good month! I have 4 weeks to basically annihilate my body to whip my ass into 70.3 shape!

Here are my February #'s:
Swim: 31500 yards; 11.5 hours
Bike: 350.46 miles, 20.5 hours
Run: 129.18 miles, 18.3 hours

I guess I could describe February as a rock solid month of consistent work. I swam 3X's, biked 4X's, and ran 5X's every week. This was a total PR month for run volume. Every week was a 30+ mile run week, with 35 miles as the highest.

So what else went on in February? I guess the stand out things are that I ran a 4 mile race in Central Park at the beginning of the month, and PR-ed the distance. I also got a creepy photo taken of me looking to kill the photographer:
Apparently running pants are not running fashion friendly...
Bacon will NEVER jump the shark. I fried a lot of bacon this month and fried eggs IN the bacon grease:

Breakfast of Champs!
Some A-Hole decided to hit me, then run for it!

And I bought a snorkel, and proceeded to make myself look like a complete dork ;)

How did your February go? Hit any milestones?


  1. Nice month

    As for me, I want to forget Feb, its sucked all the way around for me, Hello March, is all I have to say about that

  2. Interesting speed workout. Short and sweet.... but takes forever haha.

    SOLID MONTH! Damn! Keep it going man, you have a HECK of a base to work with now!

  3. How is the snorkle working out?

  4. You're a beast, Jon. Good work!

  5. Rock solid training month is an understatement! You are killing it Jon. Lake Placid ain't got nuthin' on you! Keep up the great effort.

  6. Awesome training! How goes the snorkeling?

  7. Excellent numbers dude! We had similar months (as usual). That run volume is so impressive - you are going to be so ready for Galvestion and doing those 4 loops around Moody Gardens!

  8. Febuary was not a good month for me so I am looking forward to March!

  9. Whoa, great numbers! That's gotta get you some sweet results! wow!

  10. u still look like a snork with the snorkle! hahahha
    great month for u!

    and yes, i have to put flossing on my goal list. bc if i dont then i wont floss.
    have a great march!

  11. Feb was a base building month for summer races. Looks like you got some good quality training done.

  12. That is a good looking month my friend.

    You are going to rock IMLP.

  13. The snorkel doesn't make you look like a dork. The snorkel head band is another story.

    I saw this morning on my way to work that the school track here was clear too. I can't believe I'm looking forward to running on a track again.

  14. Solid month!

    Personally, like BDD, I want to forget February as well.

    Have you seen any cool fish out snorkeling?? :-P

  15. Wow...your Feb. month was awesome! Nice job!

  16. I'm with forgetting Feb. too. Great volume, I am sure March will be even better for you!

  17. Dang, those are some nice numbers!

    I'm pretty happy with my Feb, but would like to raise the bar a bit for March

  18. Great job!


  19. SUCH a great photo (creepykillerphoto:)

    nice training bro ur on it!


  20. Damn! My little blogger bro looks like a super stud running in that race:) Not so much in the last picture...ha ha!! Totally needed that:) Still smiling:)

  21. Wait. What the heck is the snorkel for?

    You know what I love most about the breakfast picture?? The token grapefruit thrown in to healthy it up.

  22. Great job Jon!

    I honestly think that bacon can make just about everything taste better. :)


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