Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do you feel like you are in input/output machine?

I don't know what is going on this week, but everything has been going at Ludicrous speed!

I am making a point to be social with PEOPLE at least 2X a week this training season, whether its going out or having people over for dinner. I'll tell you that with a super heavy week of training, balancing it all is pretty exhausting! Add in total mayhem @ work on certain days, let's just say I have been THE MASTER of rearranging workouts to fit it all in. No matter how hectic it gets this week, I am fitting it all in!!!

Which brings me to the title of this post. I have been eating NON STOP!!! I can't stop eating. Wanna know why? Oh let's see. Monday was a three for one day, aka run in the AM, swim @ lunch, bike after work. I think I downed two peanut butter and banana tortilla wraps and a steak fajita and God knows what else. Tuesday was an hour on the trainer followed by a 60 min run.

Today was a total screw up with the weather and with meetings surrounding my lunch hour. What went from a morning run to a lunch time swim turned into a 60 min speed fest run after work followed by a 3000 yard beat down after the run!


So I downed a peanut butter and banana tortilla wrap before the run, got the run in, then downed another peanut butter and banana tortilla wrap before the swim, got home and downed a 600 calorie protein smoothie. I was SO HUNGRY! I CAN'T STOP EATING!!!!


Tomorrow AM will be another hour long run, with a 1:15 to 1:30 outdoor time trial fest after work followed by a huge dinner over at a friends house.

Thank goodness I splurged @ Zachy's in Scarsdale (Best Wine Store EVAR!)

Bordeaux (Merlot), Malbec, Barolo


  1. I can only imagine what my appetite would be with that kind of workout schedule. Good job!

  2. Well, if you would quit training like a mad man, you wouldn't need so much food (energy) :) haha

    I like peanut butter, I like bananas, and I like tortillas, but for some reason I can't imagine the three of them together.

    Enjoy your wine (er, I mean dinner) tonight :)

  3. Would love an update on what aspects of your "cleansed" eating have stuff for the long run and how you are finding the energy for all these mad man workouts!!!

  4. OMG, last night i told my husband the same thing you said, "i just can't stop eating" i'm so hungry all the time. the 2 or 3 a day workouts will do that to you i guess.
    Good on you for working in and balancing out your social life/training life/work life, etc...

  5. Scheduling sucks. I am having issues now and have no where near the volume you guys have.

    Good luck man haha, eat eat eat :)

  6. Social life, dinner parties? Outside a race enviroment? Whats that???

    Fiber helps me, you can eat spinach till your full and it doesnt have alot of calories

  7. 2 times a week is really tough! I can attest to that like whoa.

    Yeah...eating? non stop for sure. I even think I might be sleep-eating these days. Last night a cupcake mysteriously disappeared from the fridge...

  8. I can only imagine how much I'll be eating when I start my IM training!!

  9. Can't imagine what it would be like to have you as a dinner guest! Do you warn your host/hostess before you arrive that you will probably eat more than your share?

  10. IM training is really about time management more than anything. When I was training, I was trying to eat ‘normal’ and supplement 400 – 600 calorie post workout meals for each hour spent training.

    I might have slimmed down a little bit but I did not lose any weight.

  11. 2x per week being social. My wife tries to schedule these things for me as well. She has learned though just because I am there does not mean I will be social!

    Now that my volume as been in the 18-20hr range per week the eating is non-stop. It is rather amazing actually. I am easily over 4000cals per day, probably closer to 5000 some days. I have been eating 2 breakfast, a snack, and two lunches???

  12. Zachy's is awesome. I miss that place. I miss Scarsdale a tad. Used to live in the apartments on Garth Road.

    Try this the next time you are hungry since you have the tortillas.

    1tbs dark choc chips, 1tbs of shredded coconut, and 4 orange sections. Put the choc and coco on the tortilla and heat for 20 seconds then add in the oranges and eat like a taco. Such a great combination.

  13. total Ludicrous speed
    great word
    you just summed up my MTD

    good job fitting it all in

    I feel like Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) in GoodFellas - the scene he is running around and had to stir the spaghetti and deliver the guns and stop by to see Janice....

    Ive got Spaghetti!!!




  14. Me too. Hungry all the time

    I like your 2x week social plan. I might steal that idea.


  15. Fitting it all in? You are preaching to the choir! Add a kid and a husband who travels to the mix (forget about the fact I work and have no sitter) and you have reached critical mass! Glad you're getting it done! That wine looks tasty, hmmm what's in MY kitchen. Must go check!


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