Wednesday, March 9, 2011

800's On The Track and The Red Wine Theory

I have really been enjoying the track lately now that the snow is all gone. There is something about the track that you can see defined distances in front of you that you know exactly where your goal is to stop running or stop running hard.

So this morning was a 15 min easy warmup, then 6 x (800 hard, 400 easy) with a 10 min cool down.

My 800's came out as:
Interval 1: 3:26, avg HR 158, max 171
Interval 2: 3:26, avg HR 167, max 173
Interval 3: 3:25, avg HR 169, max 174
Interval 4: 3:20, avg HR 171, max 177
Interval 5: 3:19, avg HR 171, max 178
Interval 6: 3:17, avg HR 172, max 177

So, um, if I did 4 more of those, would that qualify for a Yasso 800 workout? You have to do 10 of them, right? This was a great workout! By the time I got home I knocked off 8 miles. I couldn't believe 8 miles went by so quickly!

So last night I polished off half a bottle of some yummy Cabernet Sauvignon. I was feeling pretty good :) The night before I ran that training half marathon in Central Park I had two awesome glasses of Malbec (my new favorite wine).

What am I getting at?

Seems like getting buzzed off of red wine has a pretty positive effect on a run the following morning. When I rode with Kristin @ The Lazy Marathoner a few times last fall, she told me she had a couple glasses of wine the night before she tackled and PR'ed Lake Placid. She was surely onto something!!!

Now despite our small sample size of red wine = good performance, the bigger issue here is that you CAN embellish in the good things in life and still put up a good performance. Yes, you can have your wine and drink it too! Some amateur age groupers see alcohol as the devil and as a negative performance item, but I say screw it!!! Drink your red wine cuz it tastes soooooooooo good! And hey! It might even give you a few good days!!!

And what is even stranger is that I have this strong craving for drinking some Barolo. I don't think I have EVER drank a glass of Barolo, but after reading up on it and it being called "The King of Wine" from Italy, I think a tasting is in order :)
Gonna mention my "Unusual but VERY EXCITING giveaway" another time. Do you want to win a signed poster of "Rio"? An animated feature film made by yours truly? CLICK HERE to enter!

What is even cooler is that they made a "Rio" float for Carnival this year down in Rio de Janeiro!!! Here are some cools photos of our director, Carlos Saldanha, riding at the head of the float and other shots! So cool!

He is on the left in front of the flag
Isn't that amazing!
Super cool shot!
Look out for a new Angry Birds flair ;)


  1. " I couldn't believe 8 miles went by so quickly!"

    I pray that someday I can say that phrase

  2. I think the majority of my PRs have been set with a little help from my friend Mr. Malbec.

  3. hhm...usually I dont drink for 48 hours or so before a time, Ill have a glass of wine and see what kind of PR I come up with :) I like your style!

  4. @ Jeff....there is an Angry Birds "Rio" version of the game coming out! I'm not joking!

  5. The last shot of the blue parrot is my favorite. I want that costume.

  6. I have not had a beer in ages it seems. I stopped drinking because I just wanted to see if I could and it happened and I haven't had any cravings at all, but I will have a few beers after the 70.3IMCA in a couple of weeks.

    You have me all excited about Rio. Everytime I see that picture I get excited about it.

  7. Solid interval workout! It looks like I have to watch out for you on the run course (and not the other way around).

    I don't have any objection to alcohol in moderation during training. However, last summer, while training, I completely lost a taste for it - beer, wine, liquor, I just never had a craving. I may have to give the red wine a go though.

  8. yeah, beer is my recovery drink. I will never give it up!

    Great 800s!!! Curious what it feels like to run on a track again... I wouldn't know because I HATE THEM. But that is required in speed work and I have some interesting training coming my way when I feel the IT's are good to go.

    Keep up the good work man. You are gonna qualify :)

  9. Red wine! Red wine! Maybe they should make a Merlot flavored Gu......

  10. I think it's definitely scientific research that you and Kristin have done! :)


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