Monday, April 4, 2011

Commence T-T-T-T-TAPER TIME!!!!

I am starring in a movie! Its called "License to Eat." Its going to be the most boring movie ever. A video camera following me doing nothing but swimming, biking, and running, and then eating obscene amounts of food. For example, once sequence will show me burning 4000+ calories in 2 two days.

I wrapped up my biggest weekend so far this year which puts me within one week from race day. After a few days of snow, sleet, and yuckiness, the weekend shaped up with some absolutely beautiful weather. 50+ degrees and some  brilliant sun shine. Sorry to those of you in the mid-west area!

My coach sent me my training plan late last week and when I looked at it my heart sank. 3.5-4 hour ride on Saturday followed by a 30 min brick run. Sunday: Run for 2 hours, then hit the trainer for one hour, easy, in the afternoon. YIKES! Last season, the weekend prior to all of my Half Ironman races was always a fast 40 mile ride on Saturday, with a 10K fast run on Sunday. I kept it short, but fast. It was all quality and just enough that I didn't nuke my legs a week out. What my coach prescribed is totally different!

And this now brings up the point of "letting go." This is why I hired my coach. Over the past 12-13 weeks he has pushed me to another level, and now to another level. Why would I stop trusting him now and go back to my old habits? Hasn't what he already given me worked? Shouldn't it continue to work? I question a lot of the stuff he throws my way, and I resist at first, but always follow through in the end. What and where has this gotten me? A LOT further than if I had done my own thing! Yeah, I am one stubborn guy, but I have learned a lot by "letting go" and trusting my coach.

I am sure he knows what he is doing, after all he has been doing this for a long time AND he has an incredible race resume to back it up.

Two years ago, heck a year ago, I would have laughed if someone had a crystal ball and told me that I would be riding 65 miles @ race pace, then dropping a speedy 4 mile run, THEN running 14 miles the next day and still feel like I had some left over.

It was a good weekend of efforts and a total confidence boost leading up to next weekend. I am seeing this past weekend as almost a transition point leading away from Half Ironman training into Ironman training. I am sure that by the end of June I will be looking back at this weekend and saying, "Wow, what a cute easy weekend of efforts that was!"

Coach just sent me my plan for the rest of the week and it screams one thing: Keep it cool, but keep it fast! Aka, keep those knives, aka legs, SHARP! But don't go cutting up rib bones!

So far the coaching thing is paying dividends beyond my wildest dreams!

Sooooooo, if you wanna follow me, (or stalk me) this coming Sunday, simply log onto, click the "Athlete Tracker" button, and enter bib #234

My race name will come up as Leonard Campbell. Yes, I know, my name is JON, but my legal name is Leonard. Don't like it? Blame my parents! ;)

6 DAYS!!!


  1. Hey good luck in your race. All your hard work is going to pay off come Sunday. No doubt about it.

  2. As was your father, your great-uncle, great-grandfather, and great-great grandfather. Be looking for you!

  3. It is so hard to turn off your brain and trust your coach sometime. Follow the plan..follow the plan....follow the plan...

  4. That sounds like a crazy few days of training. I don't know if I could let go a week before a huge race. Way to go on listening to the coach. I guess that's why you hired him.

    Good luck on the race, and I'll try to follow you!

  5. hey Leonard! can't wait to see what you can do! also, I suffered through my BIGGEST training weekend EVER the week before my fastest HIM ever......

  6. Good luck!! you are going to nail it!! Stay cool!!:)

  7. nice bib number!

    and great training this coach system you have going is just totally awesome
    seems perfect fit for you

    have a great week


  8. Can't wait to follow you and Jeff!

    That is a crazy workout! I actually know how hard that 4 hour/30 minute brick is because I accidentally did that same workout last season. A little snafu with my high tech solution and I just did what the Google Calendar said rather than second guessing it. It was supposed to be more like 2 hour/25 minute brick. haha

  9. That is a killer weekend. You can just skip the base phase for IMLP and just do an extended Build!

    See you Friday!

  10. Wow, busy week for sure!

    Good for you for letting go and trusting your coach, I would imagine that would be difficult, but that is just one phase of questioning and answering your dedication to improving!

    I'm bummed I can't make it to Galveston, I know you'll have a great time!

  11. It sounds like your coach is working great for you! You are going to do awesome in your race!! Good luck, good luck, good luck! :)

  12. Wow, glad to see the coach thing is working out well for you. It definitely shows!

    I am blown away by how commited you are. You are really putting in the hard work and it will pay off, no doubt!

    I love the bib number! That will make it easy to remember lol

    I dont know about you Leo (hah!), multiple names like that sounds creepy. lol :)

    Dig deep baby! You are going to crush this race!

  13. IT is so hard to let go and trust your coach. I I have been doing it but sometimes it is hard.

    You are going to rock this race. I will be stalking you and Jeff. Best of luck!

  14. I pay to see that movie!!!

    It took me 3 years to appreciate tapers and recoverys weeks

    Good luck

    No added pressure, but you have to beat Jeff

  15. Good luck this in your training.

  16. And I'm so thrilled to be your costar!

    GOOD LUCK this weekend! You are going to SLAUGHTER it.

  17. Have you done a post about your thoughts on hiring a coach? I'd love to hear what you think. I'm thinking I may be ready to get a coach next year

  18. Looking forward to meeting up with you there! It's going to be a great race! Don't forget your sunblock!! :) My "taper" this weekend was a 90 mile bike ride on the IMTX course! Fun! Fun! :) Although, I'm going into this race as a long training day and a good nutrition plan trial.

  19. Dude, Jon, trust the coach man. All I have been told from day one with blogging is follow the plan, don't question it and don't doubt it.

    I still question and doubt. Your coach however is one bad ass mo fo man. I am sure it's hard for you to see your progress at times but from what you are posting, you are definitely in a whole new level man. Can't wait to see how the weekend unfolds. Hoping you have your "perfect day" and have no snafus and perfect diet.

    Good luck and keep positive, should be AWESOME!

    Are you shipping your bike or taking it in a bike box on the plane with you? Just curious.

  20. It's not stalking if I admit that I'll be following you, right? :)

    Best of luck... you're going to kill it!


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