Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SPAM recipe

This is actually pretty tasty:
Sauteed Spam covered with couscous and maple syrup!

The back story to this (oh, there has to be a back story to a recipe like this!) is that I was out camping for 10 days in early march in the snow up in the White Moutains of NH. This was our last morning and we were out of food, except for SPAM, couscous, and maple syrup. Hey, it worked! The previous morning we tried to make pancakes out of powdered milk (powdered milk looked the pancake mix). THAT didn't work so well! haha!

But back to that SPAM. SPAMmers are getting through this blog again :( Boooooooo! I HATE CAPTCHAs (the word verification thing when you make a comment). I really hope the SPAM dies down, or else I will have to put that back up. Boo!

Now to swimming. Despite my monday night swim class being more chill, this coach still knows how to drop the HURT. We basically did 2400 yards of drills, including a 500 yard set where you pull AS HARD AS YOU CAN. OUCHY!!!

Amputation might be the only remedy to my sore shoulders. Holy crapola if I can just endure this swimming abuse for a few more weeks, hopefully my body will adjust to this added work load.

Then it snowed last night.

Our first snow of the season.
So this morning I hopped onto the trainer for 45 minutes then went outside into the 20 degrees and snow for a 3 miler.


P.S. I am REALLY behind on reading everyone's blogs. I hope to catch up with you all ASAP! I love reading about all of your experiences.


  1. Ok that just sounds gross

    I am a little surpised that Ohio has more snow then New York

  2. Ummm BDD is being nice. SOunds WAY gross. but if you likey - me- happy.

    Oh and on the spam[mers] hang in there. They do die down within about 3-4 weeks. :)

  3. Okay the spam recipe does sound gross!

    Now, can you please help me get over my friend of masters swim class. I know that I would improve but I am scared to take the first step!

  4. You lost me at SPAM! Yuk. Why the hell did you even have some with you? Were you out of dog shit?

    Good swim workout again Jon! Pulls as hard as you can sounds brutal for 5000yds. We do that sometimes as 6x50's but never 500 straight - that would end my day real soon! I did 3k this morning and you were right in that it would all come back quick. This was my 5th swim workout in 7 days and I was finally feeling strong in the water again!

  5. I'm having the same issue with SPAM comments. I'm hoping that they die down too. Good luck!!

  6. Honestly the spam right out of the gate threw me off and I didn't want to read anymore


    You pulled out that picture and I could see myself right around the corner shoveling the steps of my house in the WP.

    Great job on the swimming....sounds tough.

  7. YUCK! That sounds Gross! Not to mention I dislike Spam..THe name just grosses me out! I hear you about off season! How is 11 hours a week off season?!! Recovery week 6 hours?!! OMG!

  8. i love spam! it is great as a spam sandwich with cheese.

    check out my site about somethingnotrelatedtorunning!

    that was my best imitation of a spam comment.

  9. That sounds pretty gross...

    Awesome swimming!

  10. I got a stupid spam comment today, but I moderate so I just mark them as spam and don't let them through!

    And gross. Just gross :)

  11. hahaha - lol @Jeff were you out of DS

    GREAT swimming
    I did the count stroke thing in my pool that is 25y not meters and there is no way I could get to 8. I had a chance one length when I pushed off REAl hard, then at the end coasted to the wall....but I was still short

    have work to do in the pool!


  12. Quite the off season you're having! Your body will adjust for sure. Amazing things, these bodies of ours.

  13. SPAM isn't right. We were in Hawaii during the SPAM festival and it was crazy! :)

    Yay for prodcutvie offseason... can't wait to see what you do during season!

  14. Wow, a busy off season, and sorry I missed your last post, but Happy Birthday, if not a bit late. I love fried spam too, it actually is a pretty decent source of protein, especially the low-fat turkey variety. Cheers!

  15. Hi Jon,
    Woo hoo, you finally got a little of the white stuff! You can take some of mine...I will share:) I am also so freaking behind on blogging!!!

    Spam...ummm, gross!

    Happy Friday:)


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