Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Triathlon Habits Have Bled Into Every Day Life

The other day at work while I was walking to the bathroom there were a few folks in front of me who were walking a bit slower but in the same direction in the hallway. Because I was walking faster, I came up upon them, settled into their pace for a brief second, looked over my left shoulder and then proceeded to make the pass.

Waaaaaaait a second! Did I just do this in the OFFICE?!?!?!?

Where else in my life do I do such a thing?

You get one guess. *hint* its in the title of this blog.

Then I thought about it a bit more as I came to a urinal at the same time as another coworker, finished my business, washed my hands and was out the bathroom door before he even zipped up his pants.

Yep, triathlon has made a full fledged weld into every day life.

You should time me when I get dressed in the morning. I can change into a new pair of clothes in the blink of an eye!

When I sit down to eat breakfast, I look @ the clock, inhale my food, take a sip of OJ, look at the clock again, and I am off to my next task. Why do I look @ the clock? Oh right.....

Coffee in the morning? That is for amateurs. I just shoot a Chocolate Gu.

Every time I walk up to a wall, I feel this urge to do a Parkour forward flip off of it...

I sometimes think about how many watts I produce while typing. I don't type 95 words per minute; I generate 95 watts per minute!

When shopping for formal shoes, I ask the salesman how many miles I should expect to get out of them.

When shopping for formal clothes, I make sure they can breath and are flexible and will endure many wash cycles.

I don't shop for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I shop for recovery meal #1, #2, and #3.

There is no such thing as "patience". It is actually called "urgency".

One time I was in a deadline @ work. I had to ship my character within the next hour because I was leaving for vacation for a week and this was the only time I could get it done.

I had to pee. I also had to hit the finish line with this character. What do I do? Easy! Waaaaaaaaiiiiiit, none of my other coworkers go right then and there to hit their finish lines.

Maybe I should just walk to the bathroom. Maybe if I draft off a few folks I will get there faster ;)


  1. why walk? it's overrated. [spell check please?!]

    I love this post. I walk fast everywhere I go. My daughter's always asking "we in a hurry?". cracks me up.

    I feel guilty watching TV if I'm not on a treadmill.

    great post.

  2. always in "transition"
    this is not a good trait with kids as they have zero sense of urgency...its quite the clash!



    If you skip the hand-washing you could cut your pee time by 20s.

    Just sayin'...


  4. u r abslutely hilarious~!!!

  5. Do you call "On Your Left?" Need to be polite!

  6. This is great but have you not mastered the pee at the desk yet? I know I have trouble peeing on the bike and maybe this is a place you can practice. Just get a large Gatorade bottle and you won't have to leave your desk or worry about a penalty for drafting on your way to the restroom.

  7. Classic !! please read my blog today. I think we have issues.

  8. My favorite is that it's no longer drinking water during the day, it's hydrating, and you're no longer worried about food, it's all about nutrition intake. I sometimes forget that I shouldn't ask my coworkers what the protein to card ratio is when they describe the evening's dinner.

  9. lol. i am not nearly that extreme, but i do pass slow walkers a lot. anddd for some reason i do try to race out of the bathroom before the other person comes out of their stall.

  10. LOL. It IS funny that I do pay attention to time a lot more than I used to

  11. Well, I just happen to walk super fast:) My kids always get so annoyed with me! Is there a fire mom...why do you always have to walk so fast? Very funny, I can relate:) I try to catch up to people walking in the halls too.

    Now the eating and changing thing...not so much...but I am not a TRI stud like you!

  12. As long as you don't shout out "on your left" and start blowing snot rockets at your desk, I think this behavior is totally acceptable!

  13. yup, i find myself getting joy of passing people while walking and constantly looking at how long things take me.

    Its a sickness I tell ya!

  14. Bwahahaha! Love it!

  15. So funny!! Did you really pee yourself at work? So did you dump water on your crotch after or what? ha

    I totally do the pass thing, this post is awesome.

  16. LOL!!!!!!!! Did you say "on your left" as you passed, did they slow their pace to let you pass?

    You forgot, you try on formal clothes with your training gear under it, to make sure its not noticable, because we all know we have to race to a training site after work and dont have time to change, just wear our kit underneath our clothes

  17. That's funny...

    You know, when I run at kickboxing and I pass, I always say "on your left" or "on your right". HA!

  18. Ha ha...this post just cracks me up!

  19. Hilarious! Don't start splashing your OJ on your way out the door in the morning...

  20. Walking is far too overrated. I suggest running intervals to the washroom. You can always take the long way to add more distance.


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