Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Calling it a year

The last few mornings have been VERY hard to get outside to run. Its not the cold, its the dark. Light @ 7:15 am? My apartment is FILLED to the brim with Christmas presents and there is NO room to get the trainer out.

Yeah, yeah, send me a box of Kleenex and a broken violin and order me the whaaaaaaaaaambulance.

Motivation to bike and run is at an all time low right now. Work has been piling it on me more and more and more and that is exhausting me more than anything lately.

The only silver lining is that I AM motivated to hit the pool as much as I can. Been totally riding that high this past fall!

But basically structured training until January 1 is going bye bye. My right leg has been giving me the middle finger for a few weeks now with a sore hamstring, sore knee, and blisters on the right foot. I am NOT feeling as "sharp" as I should be for this time of year.

With structured training with my coach starting up in the beginning of January, I think I am going to rest the legs as much as I can and just alternate days between riding and running, doing little volume and little intensity. No sense starting the season already burned out and beat up, right?

Besides, I think I have done enough this year.

Wanna hear some totals?

Swim: around 250,000 yards
Bike: just shy of 3,500 miles (will hit this next week)
Run: around 925 miles

Race totals:
  • Half Ironman: 4
  • Sprimpics: 1
  • 25K: 1
  • Half Marathons: 2 (well, 6 if you count the ones from the HIM)
  • 15K: 1
  • 10K: 1
  • 5 Milers: 2
  • 4 Miler: 1
  • Slept in: Twice I think?
  • Races in 4 different states
  • and a BUNCH of PR's!!!
Like I said in my last post, this was a season of growth. I have NEVER swam, biked, or ran that much EVER in a year's time. Looking at my logs, ~3,000 of those bike miles were from from January to August. This past fall was a "fun" period of riding for pastries.

Now I must do one final transition of the year from large volumes of swim, bike, and run to large volumes of food and wine.

I shall call this, T3.

Have a wonderful Holiday and New Year's everyone!


  1. Jon-
    It has been fantastic following your racing and training this year! YOU have helped me an incredible amount. And once again you are smart smart smart listening to your body. Congrats on a Super are set up for a fantastic 2011, I have a feeling you are going to have a great year.

    Merry Christmas & have a wonderful Holiday with your family.


    I forgot about the Sprimpic!

  2. Agree 100% man. Take a break :)

    Its funny, everyone I have been following at the same endurance level as us seems to be fighting either injuries or motivation right now.

    Sending up a bright ass flare in the night sky haha.

    I am chilling til the 1st as well. That will be our start up. Hitting the ground running :)

  3. Nice totals - I never thought to add mine up.

    enjoy your downtime, it's crunchtime come January!

  4. A great year! Enjoy the downtime before you hit it again!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. You had a fantastic year! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. I learned not to fight, enjoy the holidays with friends and family and ramp it up in Jan,

    Happy Holidays

    and if you are still mad you cant get on the trainer, send some of those presents to me, then you will have room for the trainer

  7. What a great year for your! it! Have a great Christmas! :)

  8. Whew... what a year!

    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas!

  9. stick a fork in it !! great volume.

  10. Happy T3 to us all!! :-) What a great year you had - I love adding up all the numbers like that (though mine are considerably lower than yours!)

  11. What a year and what a well deserved break. Enjoy it and say hello, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Sam's of Gedney Way for me.

  12. You have had an excellent year full of great races! Nice job on your yearly totals too:)

    Take care and have a wonderful holiday!

  13. T3 can be the new offseason. Good year and next year will be too.

  14. Good for you, take a break. You deserved it, you had a busy busy year and next year is going to be an awesome one!

  15. Hey great move to take a break - I think that is super smart considering the year ahead!!!

    Thank you so much for the card and the bad ass picture of you rocking it at NO 70.3 I hope I look that good on a bike someday!! :)

    Merry Christmas Jon, and happy T3!

  16. Hell yea take a break dude! You rocked 2010... don't want to enter the YEAR OF AWESOMENESS all gimpy and what not! :) Rest man. Take a holiday. Have a beer. Put your feet up. You are about to work your tail off ... starting in 2 weeks. :) ha

  17. I already did T3 and had to move on! Sadly I had two Ironmans this year and didn't even come close to your volume! Except on the bike, I beat you there by about 500 miles, but that's because for awhile I was a biking maniac :) Enjoy the holidays and let's hope for some warm spells in January so we can ride outside!

  18. Nice Numbers there!! I Hear you with the morning runs. I slept in on my friend on tuesday~~ OMG! Horrible. Have a Merry Christmas!! Enjoy all the cookies and pies!!!

  19. Rest up Jon it has been earned!

    I just checked my numbers at and we are within a few miles/yards of each other on all three sports??? Crazy how close it is!!! I'll post mine up once I finish out the year! I wanted to get to 1000 running but unless I do a two marathons in the next8 days that isn't going to happen

  20. 4 half ironmans!!!!!! congrats on a great year!

  21. Wishing you all the best on T3!! Well deserved after a long and successful season!



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