Friday, December 10, 2010

It is getting colder!

16 degrees this morning! I had a good 10 minute back and forth with myself over whether or not to run this morning or at lunch today. Since running at lunch SUCKS, it was best to HTFU and get out there and get the run done. See, I do my killing BEFORE breakfast!

Just like age, temperature is just a number, especially when you have the proper clothing.

I basically put on every piece of cold weather gear that I own.

I had on as base layers:
  • tri shorts
  • jersey
  • socks
2nd layer:
  • arms warmers
  • cycling tights
3rd layer:
  • running pants
  • running jacket
  • ski gloves
  • balaclava
  • headband
Other than my face being cold for the first mile or so, I was COMFY. I think because there was no wind that it was a very tolerable run. I could have gone down to probably 10 degrees in this outfit. Any colder and it would be time to invest in a facemask, I think.

What is the coldest you have ever ran in?


  1. It was 21 degrees at my race last weekend, thats the coldest I have "ran" (using that word loosely) in

  2. Don't know... but I know it was a negative wind chill that day.

    Balaclava, write a post on these bad boys. I was looking at getting one and was not sure if they worked and how the breathing would be. Do you get warm air in your lungs? Are they REALLY one size fits all?

    Can't find them anywhere locally have to order online and I am hesitant to this.

    Way to get out there and hammer it man.

  3. 11 with very little wind. My eyelashes would attempt to freeze together every time I blinked.
    The guy I was running with had a sweatcicle hanging off his earlobe (not kidding). I think it was an hour run.

    3 layers wouldn't work for me. Two layers is usually temporary.

    If it is windy, below 25 isn't very fun in my opinion. No wind I'd be alright with another 11 degree run. If the sun is out wear as much black as you can, you will definitely feel it.

    I was concerned about the cold air into the lungs but after about a mile, I never thought about it again.

    I'm a fan of the desoto fleece tights once you start getting to the low 20s.

  4. Nice job getting out there for a run! The coldest I ever ran in was 10 degrees (the actual temp. without the wind chill)! It was during a 5k race, and I ended up winning my AG. I think I was so cold, I ran as fast as I could to just get it over with! Brrrr!

  5. As long as you acclimate to the cold you will be fine – the lungs won’t feel all crackly and stuff. Now, ice – stay inside.

    This advice brought to you from Southern Mississippi – high of 65 today.

  6. Nice work!

    @MattyO - The Balaclava is an amazing piece of clothing! I absolutely love mine and wouldn't make it through winter without it.

    Coldest I have run in was -3 actual temp with a feels like of -15. It was.... invigorating! :)

  7. I think the point of this post was to dress appropriately when you are old, right?

    haha. You guys running in the cold are amazing. I spent 5 minutes yesterday debating on a hat or beenie. It was 52 degrees - i wore the beanie (-:

  8. I'm with Jeff on this. That cold non-sense I don't miss one bit.

    Wore a ball cap at the Mary last weekend even though the start was 35 degrees b/c at finish time it would be in the 50s and didn't want to be sweating too much.

    Ahhh....Texas Cold

  9. I biked at 7 degrees once. That made me draw the line at 20.

  10. You make me laugh!! Weren't you sweating to death in that? I ran yesterday in the same temps and I had less on and wish I had had even less on, I was sweating my a** off!

    When i rode a couple of days ago, that was tough at first, but windstopper fabric is like a miracle from God! I also just ordered a new balaclava, my fleece one was too hot! OH! and some new Swix split mittens.

  11. Oh! I did see a guy wearing shorts!!!! Insane.

  12. I think 7 (actual temp) is the coldest I've run in. I wore two pair of tights today and was happy for it. I do usually end up peeling the belaclava off ... didn't wear it today. Wished I had it the first two miles then was fine after I got warmed up. My hands were FREEZING in the beginning too (two pairs of gloves on), but again after I got warmed up they were fine. I was sweating my ass off, but I like that! :)

    starting tonight 12 to 16 inches
    then Sunday and Monday each HIGH of 2 F degrees



  14. I'll be the pussy. If the thermometer isn't above 24C I will not go out. It was 15C the other morning and I thought I would die. However, we don't have furnaces or any heaters here so to warm up we get under blankets or go out in the car and run the heater or sit in the sun (under plastic). I think I would seriously die. Don't parts of you freeze when you go out in weather like that? It boggles the mind.

  15. Negative Numbers BABY!! And YEAH!! Its both our Birthdays Sunday!! Older and wiser!! :)

  16. I run in the cold all the time. I am trying to remember last winter...For sure I ran a bunch in -10, I will have to look back at my training. And it was windy. I ran a 10 mile race in -3...PR'd too! The cold doesn't get to me really..the dread of it is worse than the actual cold...I never pay attention to the temp until I get home or else I might talk myself out of it.

  17. Great run...16 degrees for me is really a no no to run..I'm allergic to cold...

    --I prefer running without shoes. My toes didn't get cold. Besides, if I'm in front from the start, no one can step on them. ~Michelle Dekkers - saucony running shoes

  18. coldest i ever ran in was 7*, last winter in KY. good times.


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