Saturday, December 18, 2010


Yes, I like Almonds and Pecans. They are my two favorite nuts to eat and I usually eat them both on a daily basis. Note: Healthy fats!!! Pecans also make an AMAZING topping to Sweet Potato Casserole.

Aside from the edible nuts, life has been NUTS!!!

Sorry I haven't been commenting very much lately. I feel really bad!

Work has been INSANE. Everyone @ work is sick or is getting sicker except for me (I owe it to living this active lifestyle AND eating an insane amount of oranges, grapefruit, and clementines. Anyone else notice this year has some AMAZING citrus so far?) so I have been picking up the slack. Movies don't make themselves! Picking up the slack means less downtime to read all of your blogs and comment during the day.

Outside of work, whether I want to believe it or not, Ironman training HAS BEGUN! I am just telling myself I am in an accelerated prep program priming myself for the onslaught that will be next year. I have been looking at my numbers for November and Decemeber, and they reflect mid season Half Ironman training minus the bike.

Its going to get harder than this?!??!?! YEP!

Already I feel a level above where I finished up last season. I guess its mostly a confidence thing. I finished another brutal run this morning with my coach after a 3000+ yard swim. Yes, I got dropped on the run again, but hey, I have to remind myself that these guys are Kona qualifiers, sub 18 min 5K'ers, 70.3 World Championship Qualifiers, multiple Ironman finishers. The fact that I hung with them for MOST of the run means that I am doing my homework. They are probably at an easy pace the entire time! haha!

Its a good group that I have found. I am leaching off of their extensive knowledge. Been thinking of switching to a compact crank for Placid and after talking it over with a few guys, it's the right choice. Anyone happen to have a Shimano Ultegra 6750 170mm Compact Crank that you want to offload?

Finally, I finally pulled the trigger and signed up for the Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Texas (long name, eh?), formally known as Ironman Lonestar. This will take place on April 10th and will be my first Triathlon of the year.

Other than this and Placid in July, most of my season schedule is still up in the air. I did NOT get into the NYC Half Marathon, which is a bummer because that is a FAST course. Then the Manhattan Half Marathon on January 22nd is the same day as one of my swim workshops with my coach, so that is out. Doh! Fortunately there are a few other races on those same weekends or on surrounding weekends that can fill the void.

I may just not do a lot of supporting races this season and just stick to the big guns for 2011. I do want to do a triathlon the weekend of June 5th-ish. I have three options, a Sprint, an Olympic, or a Half Ironman and they are all within an hour of my house. Decisions Decisions Decisions.....


  1. You should add the Rev3 Cedar Point Half on Sept 11th! And just to add peer pressure - Everyone is doing it!

    I am jealous you are not sick now. Damn head cold, stomach bug thing sidelined me for three days. Our weather has been jumping from lows in the lower 30's to upper 70's - everyone is sick from it - sucks! Started to feel better last night so I went for a casual 16.5mi run and 2000yd swim this morning! Good to be back!

  2. Life get crazy at times! It is nice to just slow down from time to time. I've had a crazy time at work as well and still have 4 work days to go this year. Exciting that you entered the Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Texas. You better listen to Jeff and enter the Rev3 Cedar Point Half too.

  3. I completely agree with your assessment that you aren't sick b/c of your lifestyle. I attribute the fact that I'm not sick while everybody around me is to that as well. Or it could just be us WP guys.....

    As for 70.3 TX that is awesome. I will be in CA the week prior so I may just drive down there to cheer you on.

  4. I want to do the 70.3 in Texas but it just won't work with what Coach L and I have planned for the year. And this is the year that I pay attention to my coach!

    Great job with staying well! That is huge for this time of year!

  5. Cool on TX 70.3, that looks awesome.

    Glad to hear your training is rocking. I also feel better now than I did last season, my swim confidence is way up from last year.

    I will get my 2011 race list up. I am contemplating Cedar Point half because so many blogger buddies and team mates are doing it. Just so you know. :) Could pick you up on the way by ROAD TRIP!!

  6. yes I agree w/ Jeff. come out to CP in September.. ALL... and I mean ALL the cool kids will be there!

  7. Ugh! I've been sick twice so far, not pretty. I will be down in Placid in June training with my Team!! I am not doing the race but it is going to be sooo fun! I went out with a bunch of guys that are 5 min miler pace..they were talking and laughing while I am hyperventilating!! ha ha! This year its time to ramp it up!

  8. For a June 5th race... - Sprint, Oly and Half IM. Great accommodations as well :)

  9. Congrats on the 70.3, how fun! I wanted to do California in April but it sold out so I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on the LA Marathon. I need motivation fast! The NYC Half is not fast actually, the course would be but the crowds are brutal. You end up shuffling at times. Count your blessings :)

  10. Oh OK I see how it is, I have invited you at least 10 kabillion times to Cedar Point, but your going to lay with Jeff instead in Tecas, really, Texas, whats so special about texas, Nothing!!! Hmpf!!!!

    Oh look, just noticed you might go play with Kevin now in June

    Cedar Point is where all the cool kids will be playing


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