Monday, December 20, 2010

2010, the Year in Review!

I did this post last year and it was a great reminder of if you put in the work, you will get the results. It also helped me learn my strengths, weaknesses, and mistakes that I made during the year.

Because the first half of this year was SO race heavy, I ended up doing a January to July 1st year in review post so as to not make this post UBER long!

So here is the last half of my year, from July 1 to now.

Starting July I was on target for Timberman (my A+++++ race for the year), but I was getting bored with the training. Since Mooseman, the training was so monotonous. I needed a break and spice it up! Fortunately in the schedule, another somewhat local HIM fit smack in the middle between Mooseman 70.3 and Timberman 70.3, Ironman Rhode Island 70.3.

The race did NOT turn out to be a success. I had a great bike split, but the swim, and especially the run, were HORRIBLE! The swim was rough and by the time I hit the run, it was pushing 90 with little shade.

I felt sea sick!
Felt @ home on the bike

I think my face tells of the misery!

Smiling just to be done. That sucked! Actual finish time: 5:41:11
I look back now on that Rhode Island race as a good ass kicking. It wasn't a race meant for a PR. It was meant for another HIM experience to go through the motions of that distance. This race was just money in the bank.

But the biggest thing to happen in July was volunteering and signing up for Lake Placid. Yes, THE Ironman! What a weekend this was! Perfect weather and an incredible atmosphere of energy.

I worked the transition area as a volunteer

I immediately fell in love with the town and it was a no brainer to sign up for 2011's race!

From Lake Placid onwards I noticed that my body was starting to peak. I was knocking off 56 mile hard rides followed by super fast 5K runs. I felt like superman!

Then I didn't feel like superman anymore. I wasn't recovering properly anymore. I didn't feel "sharp" anymore.

Fortunately though my body held out just long enough for my A+++++ race of the season, Ironman Timberman 70.3 on August 22nd.

The goal of this race was to seek revenge upon the distance. I did this race as my first HIM in 2009 and had never been so humbled in my life!

This time though, I think I humbled the race. I blew 47 minutes off my time and finished with a 5:08:20 and finished in the top 1/3 of my age group. This was my first race where EVERYTHING came together. I PR'ed the swim, T1, the bike, T2, and the run. It was a good day!

Me and the family

Almost there!

Me and the Queen of Triathlon!
Like I wrote above, my body held out until that day @ Timberman, then it broke! haha! It saved the best for last.

My calve muscles were unusually tight after that race, especially the left calve. In fact it was so tight that it pulled on my plantar and and some other tendons in my left foot and knocked me out of running for almost 4 weeks.

I had planned on running the NYC Marathon in November, but it was a no brainer that due to this injury that running a marathon was suicide, especially since I am doing an Ironman next year.

I did however, regroup and get my run back in shape for a late season 10K in Central Park on December 5th. 104 miles of running in November lead to my first sub 45 minute 10K, and a new PR by almost 2.5 minutes. The finish line to that race was the same spot of the start line of my first race back in January. Symbolic?

I guess I could describe the 2010 season as a season of huge gains and growing up. I now understand what is like to put up large volume and sustain it for 4 months. I know what it takes my body to recover from long distances. I know my body doesn't do well in the heat and fumidity! I learned that I run faster out of the gate after a swim or a run.

Looking forward to next year, I am going back to being coached. I probably won't race as much or as far other than Placid. I know that the more I race, the less hungry I get to race. Its a supply and demand kind of thing. With fewer races next year, hopefully I will be hungrier on July 24th.

See ya @ the finish line!


  1. Ahhhh-Chrissy!!
    wow. time flies huh?? I remember the calf and foot issues issues post Timberman.
    2010 was a great learning year for you and I look forward to following more of your journey in 2011.
    With all the Northern US races on your 2010 schedule, I am sure I will bump into you somewhere along the way...

  2. Love the big improvement you made for Timberman! This is a great idea..reviewing what worked/what didn't for a successful 2011. Bring on Lake Placid!

  3. You have had an incredible year! Super solid coming thru with the PR performance at Timberman, and though it didnt go your way gutting thru the R.I race was equally impressive to me.

    -215 :)


  4. This was an awesome post for me as I didn't really get into the blogger world until late September.

    Reading about your races and how you learned from them is great to read as it will prepare me for my journey into HIM and beyond.

    Thanks for sharing this as it is a great reflection of 2010 and inspires me to create one of my own.

  5. Great review! What an amazing year of accomplishments. Super excited for you to take on Lake Placid 2011! (I have a feelin'... that next year's going to be a great year... oooh ooh) Ok. Not exactly as cool as the Black Eyed Peas version, but try getting that out of your head now. :)

  6. u truly had a great year! good luck with 2011. its gonna be a goooood one!

  7. Excellent review Jon. It is amazing at how much help a good look back can do to push you forward!

  8. Hey wait. I thought the biggest thing in July was hanging out with me??? :) ha ha just kidding.

    Awesome recap, I was thinking about doing something similar myself. I am not a copy cat, honest!

  9. Great review Jon! You have had an absolutely amazing year. You should be proud of all your accomplishments (and the fact that you were inches away from Chrissie). :)

    Look out 2011!

  10. Onto 2011!! You did great this season and you learn from what you did good and bad, every year you get stronger in this sport if you reflect. Awesome! and yes,,its Balaclava...not Baclava!!! Ba ha ha!

  11. Great job. And it was nice of you to let Chrissy get a photo op with you. Good luck this year on an injury free kick ass adventure.

  12. Another one in the books. Next year sounds like fun.

  13. I really enjoyed the reviews you did for 2010. Thanks for sharing your amazing year. You should be very proud of all you achieved. Well done!

  14. Hey you! Get YOUR HANDZ OFF MAH WOMAN!!!$!%%^^!! :)

    OMG, that's the awesomest pic EVAR! I'm so jealous, I hate you! :)

    Thanks for the review, it sure helps us get caught up with your experiences since some of us are new here. Cheers!

    Wow, that's alot of 70.3s! Damn, you are fast too - I can't wait to hammer out your kind of times!

    I'll see you at Lake Placid for sure! I intend to beat you to the finish though ;) I can dream can't I?! :)

  15. I think year-in-review / new goals posts are my favorites :)

  16. Great year you had, you raced more then most do in 2 seasons and you were fresh still till the end, minus the end of the year injury that postpone a mary, I am uber impressed, nice work

    I have to know, did you make a lifesize poster of you and Chrissie Wellington-Campbell

  17. What a year... and to think that 2011 is going to be even better! :)


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