Monday, December 27, 2010

The Holiday Race Report

Yes, I call I am calling this a RACE REPORT because sometimes fitting everything in on the Holidays feels like a race. Fortunately the "Aid" stations are pretty yummy, if you know what I mean. Further more, with Christmas (for those of you who celebrate it) falling on a Saturday, it really eats into the free time off from the factory.

Here is how my "race" turned out:

Drove up Thursday night to NH to visit the family. It was an easy 5 hour drive. Little traffic once I got north of Hartford. The family dog, Aachen the German Shorthaired Pointer, LOVES to make his bed. I witnessed him many times making it and finally my brother filmed him:

Friday AM was a nice morning. A bit chilly and windy, but I headed over to the Timberman run course and did one loop. My face was frozen for the first two miles (running into a headwind) but I was really warmed up by the time the run ended. It was SO clear that I could see Mt. Washington 47 miles away! Unfortunately my camera phone is unable to capture that wonderfullness. I did get a photo of the Timberman race site! haha!

Saturday was a wonderful day of opening presents, food, and family, and Aachen making his bed numerous times. I got some tri related gifts. Mom got me some awesome Pearl Izumi gloves. You can never have too many pairs of gloves! Got some more Gu and a Honey Stinger packet. I know Lancey boy likes em, so it will be good to give that a try.

My sister got me an AWESOME gift from, a custom water bottle. She stole photos off of this blog and uploaded em and had em print RIGHT onto the water bottle. Perfect!!!

this will NOT be going through a bottle exchange
Sunday is when the "race" REALLY started. You probably heard about the blizzard that socked the east coast all weekend long?

I had to get the heck out of Dodge by 8AM to return back to White Plains before I got stuck on the roads. We got DUMPED on! Look @ this radar image!

I think we got a foot or more.

This doesn't tell the whole story. My place has GOOD plowers and shovelers
This meant that work was canceled for today. With crazy high winds and the pools closed, it was trainer city. I popped in the Lake Placid course and video for the first time on the CompuTrainer, got as far as to the top of the first set of hills before the descent into Keene, and my computer died. Doh! Its old.
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and Happy Almost New Year!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! I think that dog has a little bit of OCD! Ha ha!

  2. my dogs do the same thing .. just not quite as involved as Aachen!

    Pretty cool water bottle - sis put some thought into that gift.

    Computer died? Oh no ... hopefully you have a few more to back that one up?

  3. not sure if I supposed to feel sorry for you and the snowstorm:) haha
    w e l c o m e to my world
    awesome water bottle


  4. My cat acts just like your dog but usually I am under the covers that my cat is trying to fix. That doesn't bother me in the afternoon but do it in the middle of the night and I go crazy!

    I am glad you made it home before the snowstorm! You guys got pummeled!

    I love the H20 bottle your sister got you! It is very cool!

  5. Oh no! Sorry about your trainer, but at least you got back safe. Happy holidays!

  6. Ok. Now your Lake Placid bike ride makes sense. I saw it on FB and thought you were crazy to try and ride outside :)

    Love the video. I had a dog (beagle/basset hound) growing up that had a pillow for a bed. He didn't lay on it though. Instead he would weasel his way into the pillow case, turn around and use it like a sleeping bag.

  7. Sounds like a fun Christmas! My dogs do the same things with their beds! And where did your sister get that water bottle... it's awesome!

  8. Dude, 1 ft of snow.... bout time you got hit with it!!! HAHA.

    Yeah, there are certain cities that are much more on top of things than others by us. Its funny because we plow these condos and have them spotless, but none of the residents can leave because the roads have not been plowed haha.

    Never got work canceled for snow :( LUCKY YOU!

  9. Don't miss that part of NY one bit. That is a awesome water bottle and great gift.

  10. We got some snow from that storm - like 18 inches. Not as much as we expected though! Bailey fools with his bed some, then just jumps in our bed. ha ha That is really funny how Aachean does that!

    Happy New Year!

  11. there must be a pea hidden under that dog bed that he has to move to juuust the right spot. too funny :) glad you had a good christmas weekend!

  12. That water bottle is cool! Your dog is so cute, our dog used to do that. Glad you made it back just in time for the blizzard!

  13. Yes, the holidays do seem like a race at times! Good Lord! I am looking forward to having some sort of normal back in my life:)

    I love that water bottle! Your sister did great:)

    Happy New Year to you! Stay safe:)


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