Saturday, June 6, 2009

short OWS and a 10K

Hopped into a much colder pond this morning to do ~.6 miles or so. I was taking someone out for their first OWS without support, so we just took it easy. My arms actually felt fine considering the 3000 yards I did yesterday. I am MUCH faster than this time last year, thats for sure! That pond was so gross with all of the weeds growing down at the bottom. It made my mind go into "What If?" mode, such as What If some turtle pops out of the weeds and comes straight for me. Then in the final 25 yards I swam over these pockets of algae that looked like gigantic blobs of green snot. EEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!

The funniest part of the swim was when we were suited up and about to hop in and these fisherman were about to put their boats in thwater and they cocked their heads and asked us with a puzzled look, "Are you guys gonna go swim in THERE?!?!?" We just said, "YEP!" and dove in.

Then I ran 2 loops of a hilly 5K for a 10K total. The course looked like this:

I did the first loop slower in 28:46, then upped the pace signifigantly for the 2nd loop to run a 25:47. I haven't done this distance in about 2 weeks. Yikes! I am actually ramping up my running to 4X per week now by adding a Monday recovery run.


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