Tuesday, June 30, 2009

recovery bike

Wow my ride today helped soooooooo much. My legs feel SO much better now. I did the usual 17 mile lunch time ride in ~1:04:00. Just took it easy and spun. No cranking it up the hills was allowed, and staying in the small ring as much as possible was a goal. I sat for the larger climbs as well.

A complete random occurence occured on the ride. Out in the middle of nowhere 2 runners going in the opposite direction on the my right side of the road and myself converged upon the same place @ the same time. It was strange! Then directly ahead on the road there was a slower cyclist which I buzzed by cuz I was just going that much faster than her. I did the usual "Howsit going?" as I passed and I startled her pretty well. Oops!


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