Friday, March 2, 2012

Thoughtless and Random Facts I Might Write on a Friday

I love dark chocolate. I love bacon. But together? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! Why do they taste SOOOOOO TERRIBLE?!?!?!?

Last year was the year of the avocado.

This year is the year of the sweet potato

It is also the year of the omelette

And the year of the Poutine

And the year of the avocado, again.

Oh! And the year of the waffle.

What is it the year of, really?

I make taco style omeletes.

Hungry yet?

I cannot spell definitely correct. I always spell it as definately, and use spell check.

One time I accidentally wrote "tomarrow" (instead of the correct tomorrow"  in an email. I was then publicly corrected. That person later wrote in an email, "....please see myself if you need any help." ONLY YOU CAN YOURSELF!!! Oh boy! I chastised his little punk grammar ass back to the stone age with that one!!!!

(this post is probably littered with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes...)

This Saturday I am running for 2 hours with a bunch of speed mixed in. Its gonna hurt so good! (what am I training for a half marathon?)

This Sunday I am riding OUTSIDE for 3.5 hours (what am I training for a 70.3 in a few months?)


I have the most interesting characters at my pool
  • I always break the age curve by 30+ years
  • On Friday mornings from 5:30-6:15 AM  the pool is absolutely PACKED. At precisely 6:15, the pool empties. I have an empty pool from 6:15 onwards :)
  • Everyone is too afraid to ask to split a lane
  • There is one old lady who I swear "owns" a lane. One time I got in "her" lane before she showed up, so she got into the lane next to me. As soon as I finished my workout, BAM! She jumped over into "her" lane. So strange!!!
  • I have noticed a guy wait for literally 45 mins at the end of the pool to wait for an entire lane to open up.
  • Once there were 4 lanes with 1 person in each. There was a person for every lane waiting on the deck for a lane to open up. For 15 mins I waited for someone to ask to split. Normally I ask a waiting person if they want to join me and split, but this time I just waited. Why can't people be ruder? THIS IS NEW YORK MOTHER FUCKER!!!

I think this why I felt sooooo uncomfortable in Chicago the first two days I was there. People were WAY too nice to me!!

Oh god.....I have become a New Yorker!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


(I am actually a very nice person)

Did you know? That AM = ante meridiem, and PM = post meridiem.Thought you just took that one for granted, DIDN'T YA?!?!

I heard a rumor that Gu might become the new on course beverage and gel sponsor for Ironman. How awesome would that be? "Why YES! I WOULD like a peanut butter AND chocolate Gu at mile 18.Thank you!"


Whenever I am full and either have food in front of me or start thinking about food, I suddenly become starving. My stomach is stupid sometimes.


Have a good weekend everyone!!!


  1. Pairing bacon and chocolate is a difficult art. You need incredibly crisp bacon that will dissolve nicely against rich cocoa butter. It needs to have a salty flavor and the chocolate needs to have mild, sweet nutty and fruity notes.

  2. Thank you for backing me up on the chocolate bacon issue. I LOVE them both... just NOT TOGETHER BLECK!

    I am rude, if the person does not stop to acknowledge me at the lane, I jump in and splash them on purpose as I pass them in the pool :) I promise you, I am NOT a New Yorker, however I do possess their traits.

    Have fun this weekend! We are getting a snow storm Sunday I think... so I will be sure to pass it on to you for Monday :)

  3. You're all over the place, and I love it! That pull stuff was really funny! I am not a big fan of sharing lanes, but there's no way I'll just sit and wait for 45 minutes. That's just dumb. You should try some peanut butter gu and chocoalte gu as a topping for your waffles! That would be yummy and give you a ton of energy!!!

  4. ADD much? You sound like Matt! OK, I don't have a problem with chocolate covered bacon. I think it's rather delicious. Sweet potatoes rock...specifically the Georgia Jet variety. Do you prefer homemade waffles or Eggo? I always spell disappoint with two s's instead of two p's. AND...I love your pool stereotypes. They are spot on! Why do old people like to swim so much?

  5. I never mix chocolate and bacon. I tend to just wrap my bacon in more bacon.

  6. I can never spell definately either!!! Even when I think about spelling it right…and try to. Never works. Stupid word.

  7. Because of this post I want waffles right fucking now after I refuse to split a lane with any of you assholes.

  8. New Yorkers FTW! Also, I'm pretty sure you made all of those grammatical errors on purpose.

  9. WAFFLES!! I had a pretty bad experience with grammar in an email once. I sent an email to EVERYONE at my company (300+ people at the time) and I said "I appreciate your patients." instead of patience. OMG, I got SO much crap for that.

  10. NY attitude! Now you just need to work on the yelling :)

  11. At the summer pool where I used to go (and my parents still belong), people would wait like that to get their own lane. There were also other people who would refuse to circle swim, even when all the lanes had two people in them. Rude.

  12. are you drunk? this post is a disaster.

  13. So with you on the Year of the Waffle.

    How about a TexMex waffle made with blended corn, red onion, avocado and black bean. Then thin out the avocado with maple syrup for the sweetness......might have to go that route......

  14. You gave me two of your chocolate Gus. i feel responsible for your loss. They were delicious though, thanks!

  15. Somebody got ahold of the methylphenidate... ;)


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