Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From Mach 5 to Minus 5 to Nearly Getting Blown Up

Between a short run yesterday and a short run today, I apparently have never ran a mile in my life?

Or, maybe I need to learn how to recover better? (maybe that 3 hour ride yesterday @ 19.2 mph wasn't such a bright idea followed by a 3 mile brick run done @ an 8:11 pace even though it felt slow?)

No, its not maybe, it IS I need to learn how to recover SMARTER, like GO SLOW FOR ONCE!!!

But it's so fun to go fast!!!


But in other news! HUGE thanks to a good samaritan who called in a suspicious object on the North County Trailway and more thanks to the Westchester County Police Department for rendering useless an ACTUAL bomb that was placed on the trail.

Read the article HERE.

So the first two hours of my ride were going splendidly. I was pushing big watts and going fast, then.......BLAH. My legs just gave out. Oh well, not the first time.

But! There is a good sized and steep hill (that goes by Bacon Hill Road) at the very end of the ride that I was dreading because my legs were shot. So I decided to ride the last two miles on the trail, because it's flat. Well, one mile from finishing, I suddenly see the trail blocked off by police vehicles and there is a news camera and reporter standing by.


So I had to get off the trail, and onto the road that leads directly up to the big steep hill past Bacon Hill Road. Stupid hill...

But as I was getting off my bike to get to the road, the news reporter immediately came up to me and ushered the news camera guy over and said, "They found a bomb on the trail, what do you think?"

Me: "Not today....I need to finish my ride."

Yes, I have my priorities! This is like when I got bit by the dog two years ago and the police asked me why I didn't stop at the next house to call the police. I said the same thing (without even thinking about it): "I needed to finish my ride."

I am gonna get shot in the leg sometime, and when I make it to the ER bleeding to death, they are gonna ask me, "Why didn't you stop?"

Heh, new definition of shot legs! Womp Womp

Anyways, I am taking it easy for 4 days to let the legs heal and recover. This upcoming 10K on April 7th ain't gonna run itself!


  1. Holy crap. A Bomb on the trail? WOW!!!

  2. Did you not read my post about The Plan??? You have to go slow to go fast! Now slow down! :)

    For some reason, when you say "I need to finish my ride.", I hear it said in the voice of Dustin Hoffman as Rainman saying, "Course I got Jeopardy! at five o'clock. I watch Jeopardy!"

  3. Stand up comedy. If this ironman stuff doesn't work out, you can always go do that.

  4. From the article, "... and then rendered it safe by using a water cannon to soak it down"

    Betting that it was a stupid kid playing with baking soda or black powder. Either that or TSA is going to start spraying us all with hoses going through airport security!

    Yeah, on what Kevin said above. Going slow = more volume = faster splits.

  5. The one thing that kept me honest with "easy days" staying EASY was running by HR. Boring as shit... yes. Effective... also yes.

    ... Until you come across a bomb mid-run and your HR spikes. In which case you just threw off all your data. :D

  6. So many things I need to comment on... BACON hill? How could anything called bacon be bad? :) And how do you get to ride like that on a weekday? I hate you. I agree with others. You need some slow rides. Those you can do with me and I'm sure muffins will be involved!

  7. OMG...a bomb?? How scary and crazy! I'm glad they were able to get it before it actually hurt someone!

  8. Swim and easy spinning to cool the legs off man. Takes a week or two to get the legs back after racing.

    Seriously on the reporter?! Like, really, "what are your thoughts?" hahahaha, oh that is great reporting! I always love when they do that and they get the biggest hillbillies in Ohio to put on TV and they are on EVERY news segment w/ the same stupid responses.

    Keep trashing the legs now though, big pay off later in the year :)

  9. When asked what you thought, you should have said, "that ain't nothing, I'm the freakin bomb lady!"


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