Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thank You, February!

February was a kind month to me. In a nutshell, it "brought me back." 

Oh God, is he gonna make another reference to his knee injury that occurred 6 months ago? YES! 

I was so devastated by that injury that I figured once I made my come back that I would be doing nothing but playing catch up all season. Thank God for accumulated base and muscle memory!

Not only have I made my come back, but I have exceeded a goal I had planned for this Fall: Breaking 20 mins in the 5K. I unofficially did it during a 4 miler Super Bowl Sunday down in Central Park.

Now? An upcoming goal is to break 40 mins in the 10K!

In the pool? I have become more and more confident with flip turns and have started to regain some of that speed that I had this time last year. The 500 I swam at the Sweetheart Tri with zero warmup showed that my swimming form is returning...slowly.

Its hard to say how things are progressing on the bike. I am holding higher wattage on the CompuTrainer, but without long outdoor rides, its hard to quantify those results.

Strength? Last year I did a paltry amount (almost laughable) amount of strength workouts prior to my knee injury. This year? Heck this month alone! I have been doing a LOT. Mostly to keep strengthening my knee (because I am paranoid of another relapse) but also I am noticing that I am not getting as sore after long runs or races while holding faster run averages and bigger run volume.

As my coach keeps telling me, "You will thank the strength workouts 8 hours into your Ironman."

Waffles? I am totally PR-ing my waffle intake over last year. :)

Next month? A number of goals, #1 is PR-ing my Half Marathon time by a freaking eternity at the National Half (or whatever its called now) and doing all of my long rides outside.



  1. The waffle PRs are the ones I'm most proud of.

  2. Congrats on the waffle intake PR!!!! LOL!

    Also, I feel ya, whenever I talk about my injury I'm like, they're all probably going to stop following me because even I'm sick of it... but it's important and played a huge role in our lives last year so you have to bring it up whether you want to or not. No worries, we've all been there.

  3. I had a strange dream that we were driving around sand dunes in a jeep last night. stay out of my head you crazy weirdo.

  4. Waffle PR's are the best! I definitely need to start incorporating more strength training in my workouts!

  5. Hey dude when is the HM? You are going to knock the hell out of it!

    Need to make March the Waffle PR month for me! Going to freeze up a whole bunch for the upcoming IM training grind!

  6. PR'ing on the Waffles.....AWESOME......

    You cannot CANNOT go wrong with the waffle or the pancake for that matter. Shit I may just make March the Breakfast Meal Month and eat nothing but waffles, pancakes, egg whites, eggs, granola, cereal......

  7. I am hoping to set a spectating PR at the National Half. So I expect nothing less than a major PR half from you.

  8. You're a stud. I'm so glad the injury from last year isn't slowing you down a bit this year. It sounds like you're royally kicking some booty with the swimming and running. I got out and did my first outdoor ride of 2012 today, and it was amazing! Hopefully soon you can be out there killing it on the road too!

  9. Yay! New month! I've learned this month from a knee injury that I must strength train or else I'll be injured all the time. I'm making it the 4th sport of triathlon so I'm forced to do it. :)

  10. Congrats on the sub 20 5k and the great month!

  11. I need to jump on this strength band wagon and get my butt in gear

  12. Have you been logging your waffle consumption? I think this is your fourth sport in Quadathlon.

    I don't mind riding indoors. My only issue are hills, I need hill work. That is my biggest fear for this year... sigh.


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