Monday, March 5, 2012

Amping Up the Volume

Oooohhhhhh, let's start out Monday with some classic OMD:

I had another good weekend of training. The weather did a total flip flop for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was supposed to pour all day, but wound up in the low 60's, clear (in the afternoon) and PERFECT for running two hours with 3 x 15 mins @ 7:30 pace thrown in. Actually, it did rain earlier that morning turning the running trail into a bit of a muddy mess.

My hairy legs didn't get as muddy ;)

Sunday was supposed to be high of 57, but never got out of the 40's, AND got windy and cloudy. I still got in 3.5 hours of (cold) riding (plus rebroke my front derailleur) then got in a 30 min brick for a 4 hour workout. I'll take the 6 total hours of volume! (I even hit 17 hours for the week. Woah!)

WTF is up with my front derailleur?!?! The same thing happened at Lake Placid. I suddenly became unable to shift into the big ring. Fortunately I figured out how to coerce it by getting the rear derailleur into the largest rear cog to put the most amount of tension on the chain. But still!! GGGgrrrrr....

Finally, HUGE congrats to Kevin @ Ironman by Thirty and Jeff @ Dangle the Carrot. Both competed in the Woodlands Marathon down in the Country of Texas over the weekend and Kevin dropped a 3:05:12 and Jeff dropped a 3:06:25. Both HUGE PR's!!!

And finally finally, congrats to Victora @  Victoria's Obligatory Triathlon Blog, she broke 2 hours for the first time in a half marathon!


  1. Aw thanks for the shoutout.

    Also you got in more volume over the weekend than I did over the week. Just FYI.

  2. Crazy volume already Jon - Wow!

    Also, you need to get those legs shaved up as it is Tri season.

    Thanks for the shout out love!

  3. Great weekend! Your training volume is awesome!

    I am sorry about your bike. I hope its no big deal!

    Great job Jeff, Victoria and Kevin!

  4. I have a love/hate relationship when it somes to trail runs, but if it is muddy, then forget it, I know I will tear an ankle then!

  5. Did you just get the front d fixed or replaced? I learned even with it just fixed, its never quite the same, i recommend just getting it replaced all together

  6. Wow, you had a great weekend of workouts!

  7. It was hard enough running with all that wind on Sunday, so I'm very impressed that you were out riding!

  8. 17 hours of volume......I am guessing that IMMT training has truly started for you. Jeff said today is the day but the way the old man was hobbling yesterday I am guessing today is an easy spin, maybe swim day for him and tomorrow IMMT starts.

  9. Love your line of getting about 17 hours of training last week, I posted this video on my blog last week, but that exact line is in it, lol

    Huge congrats indeed to Dangle the Carrot!

  10. What the heck is the deal with your derailleur? That's ridiculous! I remember that video of you at Lake Placid where you're telling friends/family that it's busted. That sucks.

    Awesome job on the training this weekend. That some intense time out there killing it. Great job!!!

  11. Thanks for the shout out!

    At first I thought, "hey look, Jon kept up the leg shaving." and then I saw the following hairy mess... haha! Well, at least someone is shaving their legs.

    Weirdness with the front derailleur. You know what I think the problem is? Your P2 wants an upgrade to Di2. Just call me the problem solver.


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