Thursday, March 29, 2012

Refinding My Cycling Legs

After the half marathon the other weekend, I felt like that closed a chapter on one part of my season (and FOR REALZ THIS TIME) closed the chapter on that knee injury I had.



But! OMG, there is yet ANOTHER running race coming up. Sigh. When will this whole running "thing" ever end? Oh wait, never.

So this 10K on April 7th in Central Park will be my last stand alone running race until next Fall. Yeah yeah yeah, another running goal has hit the brain, and once it hits the brain, there is NO saying NO to that.

Wow, wasn't the title of this post supposed to be about cycling?


I have started to do lots of it, and will continue to do lots of it. My coach and I are on the same wavelength.

"In regards to bike strength – you are reading my mind Jon. My goal was to build up your run volume and pace through the winter, which we did, and then to focus more on your cycling through April and May. You will begin to see some changes in your plan weekly which should be fun for you."

Oh I asked for it! For this week's long ride:

"Sat: ride 4 hrs steady Jon, HR 125-140 on flats and 155-165 on hills, run 20 min brick HR 145-155"

And just like that, its time to start riding LONG.

And! I got me a new cycling gadget, since we ALL know that more gadgets = more speed.

Between my powerTap wheel, TT bike, and now Garmin Edge 800, I should be averaging, AT LEAST 50 mph on the bike now. Once my matching tri kit and matching aero helmet and matching calf AND! arm compression sleeves arrive, you will be looking at the first man to ever break 1 hour in the bike portion of a 70.3.

You should stick with me folks. I know what it takes! Besides, who needs to train when you can just buy all of the speed! Leg strength and endurance? PSsSSShhhh. That is sooooooooo 2011.



  1. I don't understand arm compression sleeves. are you pedaling with your arms? do you need to protect them for the run?

    1. its called style points. Style points = more speed.


    2. As Vidal Sassoon once said: If you don't look good, you don't race good.

      And what he meant was fast!

  2. Is it weird that I kinda miss Ironman training?? My 2:30 bike is peanuts compared to that! And yes, coming from the girl with a rather loud bike, style points most definitely make you at least 50% faster.

  3. Hilarious. Style points? Yup... you went there hahaha.

    Looks like I need to start saving up to purchase some nice speed now... that is all I have left to tap!

    You did what Heather and I did last year, build the running mileage all winter and use that to carry you through the season. Worked well for us.

    Have fun on the bike :)

  4. Just imagine how fast you could go if you shaved your legs. :-P

  5. Wait the just spend more money thing doesn't work? Crap there goes my plan to light fire to a bunch of $20s next to my bike.

  6. Do your shoes match all that other matching stuff? If not, you should probably get some new ones.

  7. You need a carbon tri suit too. That adds like 12mph to your average speed on an IM course.

  8. Jeff took the words right out of my mouth. Haaha. Love the bike focus!


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