Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ok, time to start training.

I have ran 45 mins and swam for 10 mins total in the last 5 days!!!!


Ok, panic button pushed.

We are now sane.

Actually, this was the best thing I could have done. After the half marathon the other weekend and that 3 hour ride I did 3 days later, my legs were shot shot shot, like KABOOM ZOMBIE GIT ITS HEAD BLOWEDED OFF SHAWT.

I attempted a run last Wednesday and it was as if I had never ran a mile in my life. Cue: Legs are NOT recovered!

So I went to Florida for 4 days.


We Grilled....


Got Sunburned


But mostly rested MENTALLY.

I knew this was happening but tried to ignore it. I was starting to feel some burnout and lack of desire as of late.

Don't worry, this happens after every big race, especially when I shatter a PR. The thought of "doing it all over again" is just too daunting sometime.

My solution? Go short, but FAST!

Next up is a 10K. I am aiming for another PR. Hell, I just missed this one by 21 seconds during the half, so I think I can go 4/4 so far this season.

But now that daylight savings has kicked in and it is warm enough to ride outside full time, I feel like the real training this season is about to begin. I feel like the trainer does a decent job, but it will NEVER replace outdoor riding for me.

I am calling April my "monk month" meaning its putting my head down and training hard, especially on the bike. Last season was a breakthrough running season; this season is turning out to be an even greater running season; however I feel like my routes of cycling have plateaued a tad in comparison to the gains I have made through running.

I want this to change. I WANT to ride faster.

So, hello pavement, ain't no more bombs gonna slow me down!!!


  1. I think a break is a good idea to get you excited about training again. Also it looks like you guys had such a nice time while you were there.

  2. I spent the weekend biking in the rain. Then you go and post that sunset photo. And the grilled zucchini photo. Unhappy.

  3. You have such a rough life.

  4. thats 45 more minutes than I have ran in the last 5days!!

    nice call on the RnR -a good lookin Grill !

  5. Most relaxing vacation ever.

  6. Dude, i am still recovering from the worst flu ever. Got back on the bike Sunday and am starting to feel like myself. I went 8 days without any training. It sucked and i lost fitness. You are good!

  7. #1 Nice meat.

    #2 Vacationed in Florida and picked up a hot date? Nice work. :-P

    #3 Getting sunburned when not training counts as 2 points for the sun instead of 1. I believe were are now at Jon: 2 Kevin: 1.

    #4 4/4 - Go get it!

  8. Are those veggie sausages on the grill?

    Keep setting those PRs buddy......

  9. Dude you are FINE (hows that go? Freaked out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional?). BUT physically you are all set man. You have been so consistent for so long a fe days is not going to hurt you!


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