Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three Things Thursday: F-YEAH!


#2: MORE ZOMBIE STUFF!!!! (my buddy Jonathan has these on his car.) I should put these on my bikes.

#3: The elevation profile from yesterday's run. I have this awesome hill that is the driveway to my office building. Its a nice 0.5 mile hill of pain. I did 4 x 15 min loops of my office park. Its a tough workout! For those of you who have done The Westchester Tri, this hill is Claire's climb.

Have a good thursday! Its gonna be in the mid 60's today!!!! Helllooooooo lunch time ride in short sleeves!


  1. Hey, I did hills too! :) We are like HILL BROTHERS! (alright that was pretty gay).

    LOVE your buddies stickers. I hate stickers on cars, but for those... honestly I would make an exception. I will be following THAT JEEP during the zombie apocalypse.

    And I am currently clicking on for my triathlon de-woolymammothing.

    Ummmm really, this is pure f-in genius. And I thank you for that.

  2. I saw that commercial on tv the other day and thought it was pretty funny.

    Nice work on the hill workout! That's nice to have a spot right next to your work to go crank it up. I always like a good profile graph of a hill workout. Way to go!

  3. That commercial is awesome! At first I thought it was a joke, but it looks like a legit product/service. Might need to investigate it with triathlon season coming up.

    I'd put the zombie stickers on my car, but I don't think they would have the same effect on a Dodge Neon.

  4. I'm riding on my lunch today as well. Can't wait :)

  5. Thanks to you and then MattyO I am a member of the dollarshaveclub. Forked over my $1 for the product and $2 for shipping.....just seems odd to do that but hey if I have skin left on my legs and face after using them then I am a happy man.

    Where is Claire's climb. I know where you live so I'm trying to figure that out.

  6. Yeah you pretty much have to get at least one zombie related sticker for your bike. Maybe the one about being fast food? LOL!

  7. Loved the commercial and I am tempted to order from them! LOL

  8. Michigan State announced a new class on Zombie survival, seriously. Are you teaching it?

  9. wow, that dollarshave club commercial is hilarious!


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