Monday, April 2, 2012

It Was A "Character Building" Ride

Here is a new euphemism for you: "Character Building Ride"

Just like a garbage man can be now described as a "waste and refuse removal technician," so can a "way too cold and wet why the fuck did I just ride for 4 hours in the pouring rain until it was pitch black and almost 40 degrees that I was questioning life and why I do this to myself and am I really alive and is this what hell is like? ride" now be described as a "Character Building Ride."

Well, the first 90 mins was dry, but then it just got grosser and grosser and grosser. I had to get in 4 hours and I did! Wound up with 73 miles. But man oh man was that miserable! I thought it was like 52 degrees, turns out it was a LOT colder out:

So, uh, the temp was 50 at the start, but then PLUMMETED!

When I finally finished the ride, my hands and fingers were so numb that I had to use my teeth to A) unzip the gloves and B) to bit down on the glove to remove it. I am not sure I have ever been that cold in my life!

The good news is that my legs felt awesome by the end. I could have done another 2 hours and easily done 112 if I had to. I had a gigantic waffle breakfast with my friends before the ride, then went back afterwards and they served me up some hot and hearty veggie stew. Thank you B & V!!! Hit the spot perfectly.

The last few times I rode in conditions similar to this most recently was the first loop of Lake Placid at my coach's training camp, but then before that in pouring rain and 47 degrees for 3.5 hours when I got bit by that dog.

Hey, at least I didn't get bit by a dog! Oh wait, I did get bit by a dog, well, more like had a soft mouthing on my forearm saying, "Hey! I didn't say you could stop petting me!!!"

Furry explosion!

His name is Bjorn, and unfortunately I couldn't steal him. But he is a gigantic 105 pound softy. I thought he was a bear the first time I saw him! Funny that Bjorn means bear in Norwegian.


  1. So, Sarah and I got attacked by 4 dogs during our brick yesterday, including one that actually got a bite out of Sarah's running tights. I said "I think Jon got attacked on the Timberman course or something. Obnoxious."

    Biking in the cold sucks, especially for your feet. You must have a lot of character now.

  2. Yeah, I would have been playing video games on my trainer :) I don't need no character crap haha.

    Nice work though man, way to push through the shit conditions and be safe.

    Why do dogs like their bellies rubbed SOOOO MUCH?

  3. I was getting cold just reading about your ride. Ugh. It sounded terrible.

    And thanks, yes I'm ok from me and Victoria's dog attack. Luckily it wasn't any worse and was mostly just scary.

  4. I hate riding when it's cold, although I don't think I've gotten to the place where I have to remove clothing with my teeth! Good for your for sticking it out there even if it sucked!

    Bjorn looks a lot like Mandy's Porter!

  5. Seriously, you are hardcore! That's trainer weather for me!

  6. I havent braved the bad conditions yet, I am sure I will have to soon

  7. unzipping items because you are frozen is abnormal?

  8. This reminds me of my pre-Philly 20 miler in freezing rain. Now you are ready for anything!

  9. You are doing it backwards... you are supposed to start when it is 40 and end when it is 60.

    I feel for you though. My race Saturday was only 34* at the start and didn't get above 40 the whole time.

    Way to SIUBC!!!

  10. Screw that! You are crazy - that is cold! It is days like this why you have a computrainer!!

  11. Wow - 40?? No way, I'd be on my trainer watching some DVDs... I'm way to much of a suck to brave those temps. Crazy hardcore!


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