Thursday, April 21, 2011

Introducing The Ego-O-Meter

My coach has a good saying: "Check your ego at the door." Also known as swallow your pride and be humble! Especially in big groups, he especially believes in this saying. You don't want to be "that guy" who runs his mouth about how awesome he is, and then gets dropped or lapped, do you? That would be, um, quite embarrassing!

But sometimes I think letting your ego out is a good thing, especially on race day. But PLEASE DON'T VOCALIZE IT! Keep it to yourself. Trust in your confidence in your own abilities and think that you are 10% better than you really are. That little bit of "mojo" will go far.

But then there is that inner ego that you need to quell during training, especially on easy days. If the goal is to go easy, GO EASY! Think about how much recovery time you will need if you go too hard during a recovery workout? I am a big believer in active recovery. I think taking days off makes you flat, whereas an easy swim or an easy 5K or 45 min bike does wonders in keep you loose and getting the junk out of the legs.

But then let out that ego on hard training days. That hill that you are always scared of tackling? Puff up your chest and think you are all that and ATTACK that hill! Think you can't hit an aggressive split @ the track?  Think you are Usain Bolt and hit the gas

Let your ego do the talking. But keep it to yourself :) Happy Training!


  1. What a great post, I always have said the mental toughness is the 4th discipline of our sport. I agree, no one wants to hear how awesome they are or fast. I do not hang out or train with these people. One of my favorite race memories was when I passed someone on a P3 with 606 front and disc back on my road bike

  2. That is such great advice! Thanks for a great post.

  3. Very awesome message. now looks like I cant sandbag any more on my interval sessions?!


  4. Letting your ego out on race day:
    Did you see Ryan Hall as he headed to the start line of the Boston Marathon?
    Here is a bit of a report from someone that was there if you missed it. I'm not finding video clips online.

  5. Great post! I don't have this issue on fast group rides though. If I'm not the first one dropped then I'm thrilled!

  6. I agree. Find an "ego balance" haha. I will verbally state my goals to people. This makes me accountable. Come time to deliver I know I have to face these people with my results. Helps me push harder.

    I am working on dropping the ego in small groups though, esp. at the pool.

    I am right there with the active recovery belief. My legs feel great after a hard run with an easy spin in small ring. So simple, yet so effective.

  7. The wind in Texas has beat any ego out of me that ever existed. Anyway this post reminds me of the Elvis song with the lyrics, "A little less conversation, a little more action please." Bring it on race day. Results prove more than talk ever will. :)

  8. At first I read your title as "Egg-o-meter" ha ha!
    This was a great post and sooo true!!

  9. I learned my lesson when I blew myself up racing Timberman. Now I just follow the plan, follow the plan, follow the.....

  10. The only thing worse than an ego is the reverse ego - where someone is overly pessimistic about the race.

    It's all about the healthy balance.

  11. Dude, Shannon nailed it above. I am beaten and bruised right now. Not even sure where my ego resides at this point. Hopefully it comes home on MAy 21st!

  12. OK you are going to laugh, but I totally expected to see some kind of gadget that cooks eggs, because I read EGG-O-Meter. ha ha ha

    Yeah, action speaks louder than words.


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