Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Three (Face Palms) in My Life

Ok, I guess its my turn to gripe. Actually, I will call this funny griping since I know what people really mean when they say the following three things to me. Basically these are the three most commonly mistaken things said to me, sometimes on a daily basis:

#1: WOW! You have ran a lot of marathons!

My Cube @ Work

Translation: To the non-runner, any running race equals a marathon. Hence, every race bib hung in my cube equals a "marathon".

In Reality: I have yet to run a marathon. In fact, I have yet to run more than 15.5 miles in one go. My first Marathon will be at Lake Placid in July. Bring it!

#2: Hey! Congrats on your new 3D Pixar Movie!

(source)...I'd say that this is a fitting image!

Translation: 3D Pixar movie equals any 3D animated movie or "cartoon". Basically Pixar is the "Band-Aid" of adhesive bandages, to put it bluntly.

In Reality: I don't work for Pixar. I work for Blue Sky Studios. Pixar is our competition. We (Blue Sky Studios) just released "Rio". I did the feather work on the two main characters shown above, Blu and Jewel. We make the "Ice Age" movies. We are a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox, the folks who brought you "Titanic" and "Avatar". 20th Century Fox is a subsidiary of Newscorp. Rupert Murdoch is ultimately my boss. Pixar is owned by Disney. Different companies!

#3: So you just did another Ironman but it wasn't a triathlon, right?

Translation: Like the "marathon equals any running race" issue above, most folks think that the Ironman equals "that race in Hawaii" or any triathlon. Then there are the folks who think that an Ironman is totally different from a triathlon. I still don't get that one!

In Reality: Ironman is a brand. It is owned by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). A triathlon is a race where you swim, then bike, then run, or whatever order you want to do them in. So if you just did an Ironman, or a Half Ironman, you either did a triathlon that was 140.6 miles or 70.3 miles, and it happened to be owned by the WTC. Heck, if you ate a hot dog, drank a beer, then scarfed down a apple pie, you too could call yourself a triathlete!

I feel better to have that off my chest! Have a good one!


  1. My favorite yesterday in the office as I was showing off my finisher medal was

    "Why did you stop at the half way point and didnt finish the marathon?"

  2. Hahaha! Yeah... I agree with people a lot when I get tired of explaining. But the hot dog, beer & apple pie triathlon sounds like something right up my alley! Looks like I might start doing triathlons after all.

  3. amazing! I like the idea of keeping my bibs and decorating my office space with them!

    I also love how your first marathon will be at ironman...ME TOO!

  4. my fave is 'so how long is this marathon?'
    doesnt matter how often i explain that ALL marathons are 26.2 miles, ppl still ask!

  5. "What are the distances of your Ironman?"

    .... usually I am cutoff when I say the bike is 112mi, "Whoa, I don't even like DRIVING that far ...hahaha"

    "So how much training does this take?"

    "I'd do that but "

    "Why in the world would you want to do that?"

    Soooooo ... many more.

  6. Great post. Endurance sports in general are so misunderstood by those who haven't tried them.

    @Big Daddy Diesel --- That's classic! I think I'd figure out a witty comeback for the next time someone poses that question.

  7. Rolling my eyes! I used to care. I'm so over this at work and within my own family that I just don't care anymore. I don't even bother taking the time to explain b/c it's time wasted that I will never get back. They will never get it. I heard someone say one time that explaining this kind of stuff to most people is like explaining color to someone who was born blind. I know that sounds ugly but it really is a good analogy.

  8. I get all of those also, except the Pixar / blue sky stuff.

    I do get asked what is linux a lot. I just say it runs skynet.

  9. Congrats on your work on cars 2!

  10. hey - /Congrats your film did GREAT opening weekend!!! Happy to have been a contributor with family of 5 on the books to help out:)

    my GOSH u've done a ton of marathons:)

  11. Haha. Luke's comment cracked me up!

    Man, people just don't get it sometimes. I here "good luck on your marathon" for whatever event I'm doing (triathlon, duathlon, half-marathon...) I'm with KC on not wasting time trying to explain it.

    Rio looks awesome, and I can't wait to see it! Nice work.

  12. OMG, this was soooooo funny!
    Congrats on a great opening weekend for Rio, I can't wait to see it!

  13. Hilarious. Perfectly on point.

    And again, Rio was awesome and those feathers stole the show.

    BTW - I am doing a post like this on Vegan/Vegetarianism b/c like Ironman and Marathon there are mis-conceptions and I am here to help.

  14. I'm just waiting for you to come out with that new Pixar movie about the blue featured marathoner and that Tony Stark Ironman guy.

    Hahaha :)

    I'm with you on it all, well except for the Pixar/Blue Sky Studio thing. I know the difference but I can't say as I have to correct people on a daily basis about it.

  15. Haha, these are great!

    Hope you feel better getting that off and correcting the internet world!

    Haven't seen Rio yet, hopefully I'll catch it this weekend!

  16. Hilarious. We all get this haha.

    The best is my mother in law, it took an entire year for us to straighten her out and have her realize that a 5k is NOT a marathon... yet Heather ran XC in high school... .... ..... breathe Matt!

    Your first marathon is at LP. AWESOME, wish I could have that momentous finish as well, I finished my first IM AND marathon haha.

  17. Ha ha..people just don't get it do they!?!

  18. Oh my ... you could make a whole blog post that would go on for days I'm sure. I often wonder if it's stupidity or ignorance (or both).

    I've heard the "I ran a marathon... it was the 5 mile kind" before and I always get the "so you do triathlons and Ironman races". Yep, both. I also love the "aren't you offended being called an Ironman and not an Ironwoman".

    People... get with it!

  19. Hubby is an employee of Rupert too...and he used to be of Disney. Trust me, Rupert is Waaaaaay better.

    I get all that race confusion too from "civilians", but you can't blame the poor souls ;)

  20. I love it when someone asks me how long the marathon was. Sigh.

  21. funny and true...And you and I both will be running our first marathon at IMLP 2011!!!!!

  22. "Hey have you ever done a 5K marathon?!"

  23. hahaha. right up there with 'how long is that (any race)'? i love that you bring your bibs into work the monday after a race or so.

    i could see how people commonly think of pixar, but definitely still annoying.

  24. LOL I get those all the time too. Also if I say I ran a marathon I get "How far was the marathon? 10 miles?" or "Was it as far as the Boston Marathon? How does that compare to Boston? Boston Marathon is further right?"

    Instead of Marsha Marsha Marsha I am Boston Boston Boston. ha ha

    Then also when I say I am signed up for an Ironman, you get "so what is that exactly? Is it as far as the one in Hawaii?"

    93 days. Just saying.

    Can't wait to see Rio.

  25. Ooh, how long is your next marathon?? :)

    I also like when people ask if I'm going to win. No, but I might break the top 3,000! Not as impressive?


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