Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playing Catch Up; Race Report is on its way

We left Galveston yesterday, or rather, we left Paradise yesterday and landed into the gigantic flushing toilet bowl of NYC. Why did we leave TX?

Driving over the Whitestone bridge there were literally sheets of water shooting over the car and then we proceeded to drive 35 mph through some SERIOUS rain all the way home. It was gross...

This was of course after enduring 4 hours of the screaming kid behind us with the totally oblivious mother who wanted to play patty cake more than the kid!


I am wanting to catch up on everyone's recent posts, and I will get there eventually, but the craziness is only getting crazier around here.

Today is a half day @ work because we are celebrating with the opening of "Rio" (coming out this Friday, btw) tonight in NYC with the wrap party @ the Hard Rock Cafe. Should be fun!

The race report is mostly written, I just need photos, which are going to take a few days to collect and go through. The race photos were done by ASI Orders, and they always take forever, so hopefully by early next week (or sooner!) I will have the full race report up.

Otherwise the legs are healing. My sunburns are healing.

I guess I am just going through the shock of being back in the office after 5 days in Paradise.

Happy Training!


  1. What an ending to an otherwise successful race! Enjoy the parties for Rio!

  2. I am hoping for sooner rather than later! I need deets man!!!!

  3. Congrats on the race! Congrats on the release of Rio!

  4. What a way to come back to the real world... hard rock party!?! Jealous :)

    Heather wants to go see Rio. Have to be next weekend though.

    I HATE KIDS ON THE PLANES!!!!!! I don't care if you have kids, drug them before flying. There is a reason Heather and I don't have kids right now, we DONT want to deal with them.

    Entire flight to and from Hawaii. 2 screaming kids. I wanted to punch the parents in the face and then the baby. (I can commiserate with you).

  5. Eagerly awaiting the race report and Rio. No doubt both will be entertaining!

  6. Man, I can't wait for the race report! Welcome back to reality and to a obviously rainy NY. I'll have to go check out RIO since I know the superstar behind the graphics. Thanks for your comment on my made me feel a whole lot better. :)

  7. Your nicer then me, I would have said something

    Congrats again

  8. Kids on planes are worse than snakes on planes. Samuel L should make that movie. KIDS ON PLANES!

    I am going to see Rio next weekend, just to see your name in lights. Also, it looks super fun.

  9. Sorry you had to leave Texas! Come back any time! :) Glad your travels were safe.

  10. Jon - it was a pleasure to 'watch' your race through the refresh buttong. You did great and next time you are in TX we need to hook up.

    Congrats on a great race.

  11. Serenity Now!

    Duct tape was inventing for a reason and it has nothing to do with fixing ducts.

    Looking forward to going to see Rio. Was planning on seeing it opening weekend, but probably won't have time with the race. Maybe I can get BDD, MattyO, and Colleen to do a movie night before our race :) We could all start cheering when we see your name and everyone will think we are crazy.

  12. I feel ya bro. sitting in a hotel room wish this week was over.

    when I get back on sat I will email you some more pics that Annie got.

  13. Eh, I don't need to read the race report, I was there to see it live! Kids on a plane=worst.thing.ever! Will have to find a showing of Rio that will be kid free, because kids in a movie theater is almost as bad ;)


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