Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What is your race "song"?

Kevin @ Ironman By Thirty just did a post titled "The Triathlon Song." It got me thinking of when I reach the deepest and darkest place in a race where your body just hurts and you want to end this race ASAP. What is going through your head? For me, a song pops in my head and plays over and over and over again. I remember during a Century ride my senior year of high school (spring 2001) that around mile 80 when my body and mind were totally wrecked I kept hearing "I'm On The Outside" by Stained over and over again in my head.

This year, usually at the end of a half marathon where the last 5K just breaks you, its been Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." Not sure WHY Lady Gaga, but I guess the general beat and melody and lyrics are in sync with my running pace? I'll spare you by not posting the video. Not sure if Lady Gaga is your style!....its not mine either. (honestly! I swear! ;) )

Do you have a race song?

So other than dreading which catchy song is going to pop in my head during the 5th hour @ Mooseman, the workouts have been winding down.

Yesterday was an easy 4 mile run in the morning with a short swim in the evening. The swim was pure taper, involving all out hard mixed with a ton of easy. I did a 4 x 100 set on 3:00 and went 1:22, 1:24, 1:23, 1:22. So the speed is there in the pool. Other than that I was holding a ~1:40 pace/100 and just going super easy to get/keep my arms loose. Thursday's swim is going to be awesome: 5 x 100 on 3:00 EASY then I'm hopping out of the pool.

This morning was my last ride. The bike is in great shape. The wheels are true and the gears are shifting smoothly. I did just 15 miles and kept it easy with some moderate pickups. My legs just need a few days off and I'll be ready to rock it on Sunday! So far, this has been a great taper. Mentally I am perfect. No meltdown yet! And I feel NO anxiety about going too easy or too hard during the taper. Seems like 9-10 days is about right for me for the HIM distance.

Finally, are you racing this weekend? I know of at least four of you fellow blogger buddies are racing, but drop me a line if you are. I am compiling a list for a later post this week.


  1. Jon-
    Sounds like a good taper you have going on! Great question, and love that Staind song! My last two marathons I have tried to place certain tunes from 20mi on...haven't quite found the perfect song yet. Foo Fighters, Metallica, NIN and Tool all do ok for me...but if I can run Grandma's in 3 weeks I'm hoping Led Zepp or older VH will be the answer!! I'm betting on Houses of the Holy...

  2. Sounds like you are handling the taper much better than me but then I am suffering from a injury still. Oh well, I will still have fun! The song that usual pops in my head is Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. I like the beat of that one thought Lady Gaga has popped into my head as well! Have a great race!

  3. Lady Gage is the best! Embrace it! I have SO many race songs. They are all pretty much bad/awesome pop.

  4. Hi little bro,
    I do like Lady Gaga too! I also like to listen to faster upbeat 80's music and current pop music:) ACDC is great to workout with too! The only time I listen to music is when I am on the mill...I need it for the mill!

    Oh, I am running in the Twin Cities Half Marathon on Sunday! It is my last race before my official marathon training starts:) Have a great day Jon!

  5. Thanks for the link love!

    Ironically, I think that now that I don't use an iPod when I run, I have more race songs. I just have to sing them in my head rather than have them sung to me :)

    Some are good motivators, others a just get catchy and distract me

    Loose Yourself - Eminem
    Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
    Remember the Name - Fort Minor
    Born to Run - Springsteen
    Shipping Up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys
    Lots of O.A.R. (Hey Girl, Black Rock, Crazy Game of Poker) and DMB

    Just to name a few.

  6. Lady Gaga? Dude? Really? Really?

    oh well, it is working for you!

  7. Nothin like BULLS ON PARADE. Good luck man your gonna kill it!

  8. I guess I don't really have "a song," but there are definitely songs that pop in my head during a race!

    Again, good luck!

  9. I just recently found Lady GaGa. Or she found me, I'm not sure which. I'm embarrassed about it, but it does get me moving. oh well. See you Saturday!

  10. I Gotta Feeling-- Black Eyed Peas
    Beautiful Day-- U2
    How Far We've Come-- Matchbox Twenty
    I Want It All-- Eurythmics
    Yoshimi-- Flaming Lips
    (I want to be Yoshimi)

    Reminded me I need a playlist for Pawling this Saturday!

  11. It's funny, but I don't have a song - seems like whatever I heard last is what plays over and over in my head. :)

    Look at your speed in the pool! Awesome!

    I'm racing this weekend - just a 10k, but my first stand alone so it should be interesting!

  12. My head is apparently weak...the song that is stuck in my head is usually the last song I listened to, which is really scary at know Britney Spears, Vanilla's a scary world out there!
    Good luck with the final preparations!

  13. I have many but my go-to is Move Along by the All American Rejects

  14. depends on how loopy I am at the end of the race, sometimes its the sesame street theme song, If I am strong, its eye of the tiger

  15. I once got through a marathon singing When the Music Died - ha, it is such a long freaking song and I tried to remember all the words...But I love The Triathlon song.

    GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND! You are going to do awesome - Sounds like you are super strong all around!

  16. My ironman song was “Push the Button” by the Chemical Brothers – I still have it in my head – just got goose bumps:



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