Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ok, so today wasn't thaaaaaat uber crazy workout wise, but I figure I ought to own a slogan for at least one day in Bloggerville! You know, "Three Things Thursday", "Five Things Friday", etc etc etc. How does some Chest Hair compete with that?!?!?

Haven't really mentioned swimming very much this season. Usually after a big race, my swim motivation goes down the drain (pun intended) and I usually do a restart in the pool. After Mooseman, I stuck with it and just put upped the volume and dropped the intensity. Fortunately this worked and I have been able to hold some (not all) of the speed that I was building up right before Mooseman, so I feel like I am still in a very good place (compared to last year) in regards to my swim form.

We did:
500 WU
2 x (4 x 25 EZ, 50 HARD)
6 x 200, descending 1-3, 4-6
2:56 (we raced each other)
2:58 (we were both cooked)
250 CD
2250 total

Not the longest swim, but when you haven't done some intense sets in a few weeks, it really does a number on you. Hope to get used to the intensity over the next few weeks. Swimming is great because its so measurable. The conditions never change! so its is easy to measure whether or not you are sucking or doing well.

Then tonight was one of those rare nights where no thunderstorms showed up over my ride start location @ EXACTLY 6PM. Seriously Triathlon Gods? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? Its Karma, my friends.....Karma....

The temp read 88 @ the start, and with my goal of heat acclimation, I said bring it on. Was able to knock out 29.8 miles through the posh posh of Greenwich, CT. I had to stop off to blow my nose, unfortunately the convenience store was out of tissue, so the guy just gave me his spare $100 bills. ZING! Only saw one Maserati and one Lotus. People and their commuter cars....

The terrain in Greenwich is hilly. Lots of short ups and downs with few flats, so its a great place to learn how to change your gears really fast to transition from a short but steep downhill to a short but steep uphill, then rinse and repeat about 100 times.

My legs finally opened up around mile 15 and I felt like I was flying up the hills. By 7:45PM the air became "romantic"....i.e there is a nice balance of dimming sunlight with dimming heat and humidity. I guess its the "comfy" air to ride in forever.

Do you see an elephant? Or something else....

Gotta rest up and knock off 9 miles in the morning. I'll save some fumidity for you!


  1. I think the heat is getting to you?..."romantic air" j/k haha - nice ride and swim...good rhythm you seem to be in already after the fumidity run

  2. It sounds like you had a great ride! Love the "romantic air" statement...that's so true!

    Hmmm...I actually saw a one horned bulls head in your route.

  3. nice ride especially in that heat! The hills look like a good place to ride.

  4. "romantic air" make sure you call it in the morning... :-P

    Great ride and swim! For me, I can't miss a swim. I've started to like it and if I skip a workout or two, I feel miserable the next time I get in the pool.

  5. Wow ... I figured they wouldn't even let you in Greenwich without at least a P3? Did you sneak past the neighborhood watch or something?

    I nice ride man. I am starting to feel a lot better in these weather conditions too. By July it will be old hat!

  6. Way to stick to your heat training, and pound out that awesome swim set! I haven't spent as much time in the pool lately, but have started hitting the lakes instead.
    The humidity is high around these parts as well. I think I loose 3 lbs when I walk to work!

  7. At first I was questioning why i would want to do a workout that puts hair on my chest, just means I have to shave it off later..... then..... you used the word "romantic"..... yeah, we need to get the chest hair growing on this ride.

  8. I will pass on the hair growing on my chest:) You stud Tri guys go right ahead and do what you need to do:)

    Awesome job on your swim and bike ride:)

  9. I totally get the romantic lighting/air description - I love when the light plays on the river in the evening here...I don't want hair on my chest really, but I like Hair on Your Chest Wednesday! Ha. GREAT workouts!


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