Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monster Month of May

May was all about the bike and the return of the run.

May totals:
Swim: 22,500 yards
Bike: 488 miles
Run: 92 miles

I feel like a totally different person on the bike. I have NEVER put in that many miles on a bicycle in a month before. My previous best was last month with 393 miles. Those miles have already started to pay off. I am noticing that on the flats that I am pushing some pretty respectable numbers (both wattage and speed) with much less effort compared to a few months ago.

So here is the secret to getting faster on the bike: Ride more! Amazing, right? ;)p....getting bit by a dog and contracting rabies helps too, right? (kidding about the rabies....)

Now for the run, in April I hit the high 50's, which is my yearly low so far. I made up for it this past month, blister free and injury free, with 92 miles. Only 6.2 of those were done at speed, the others were shear volume miles.

So going into Mooseman this weekend, I am feeling VERY confident on the bike, but I am really unsure of where my running speed will take me. I know that I can do that run strong, but how fast will be the Q.

Actually, this will be a good test compared to New Orleans: Run Speed work with less bike fitness going into a HIM vs more bike fitness with more run volume work going into a HIM. My goal for Timberman will be to have both.

Not gonna comment much about the swimming this past month. I had some PR's in the pool, but that amount of yardage is nothing record breaking for me.

How did your May turn out?


  1. Just saw a comment from you on Julie's blog...holy cow...your totals put me to shame!!! Great numbers you put up!!

  2. wow ur milage is crazy!!! good stuff jon!!!!!

  3. Well, you should feel great about those numbers... you are definitely ready for your next race. I know my bike number was up this month, as was my swimming which was good, but I still need to increase all numbers by a lot in June!

  4. Great job Jon ... you are going to crush this weekend! What does the weather forecast look like? I'd try to take the humidity back but wouldn't have any place to stick here (-: .... I did my 5am track workout this morning and lost 4 lbs in 45 minutes, that is some first class humidity!

  5. Good luck at Mooseman! I hope you have a great race and I can't wait to hear about it!

  6. I'm so impressed/jealous of all your saddle time! VERY awesome. You are going to kick a@@ at Mooseman!

  7. we'll see in July if you are foaming at the mouth

  8. Hi little bro,
    Stop fretting about your upcoming race! You are going to do great:) You have been kicking butt on the bike and I know that you can flipping run...no worries:) Keep the faith Jon!

  9. Awesome mileage - you are going to do so awesome at Mooseman!! Your run is going to be solid, don't worry about the less mileage than normal, the more you bike and swim the better your run gets anyway. Oh, and don't bite anyone. :) Rooting for ya!

  10. Whew! Those are some sweet numbers for May! You are well prepared for The Moose this weekend!

  11. Rockstar training! good work, also nice on the injury free! Good luck this weekend.

  12. Wow..it looks like May was a great training month for you! Like others have said, you are going to do awesome in your race this weekend! Good luck! :)


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