Sunday, June 13, 2010

Input needed! If you were to ask a Race Director ANYTHING, what would it be?

If you can't tell, my training is on the waaaaaay low end right now while I recompose myself for an intense 4 week build, so talking about my adventures out on the road are just not that exciting @ the moment.

So! I am trying to fill the void by "digging deeper" into the triathlon world. I am *possibly* (fingers crossed and not jinxing myself!) doing an email interview with a big time race director in the near future. While out on the bike @ Mooseman for 3 hours in the cold pouring rain, I had a LOT of time to think. One thing that I thought about was how the race director must be handling the day. Afterall, I just have to take care of myself. He had to look after 1,000 people!

We have the easy job: pay, race, eat some food, accept some hardware, get your photo taken, go home. Guess who gets to set up and clean up the aftermath? I have a lot of respect for the race director! So I am really curious as to what it takes behind the scenes to put an event on, especially one that has 2,000 plus athletes.

I am starting to compile a list of Q's to ask, but my perspective of a race is different from yours. If you were to ask a race director ANYTHING (keep it civil folks!) what would it be? What are you curious about? It can be as small as, "How many porto potties do you need?" to as big as "How does the entry fee break down to in terms of expenses to put the event on." I wanna hear it!

Leave me the question as a comment and I will compile a list to ask.


  1. This is a great post. I guess mine would be: Race fees are getting really high these days. Many times the swag is very nice, but I think it contributes heavily to the high fees. Would you consider offering to prices of entry--one cheaper and without swag, and one more expensive with swag? I have enough race shirts/jackets, etc. to last me a lifetime!

  2. Ask, "Why for the love of God, do you guys still give Cotton T's as a race shirt? No one ever wears a cotton T, at least athletes do not?"

    Ask "what is more of a priority - On course support or post race party and how does he/she decide how to allocate funds for each?"

  3. How is the entry fee broken down? Fees are going up, but the cost of a water bottles & T-shirts are not.

  4. Just ordered the variety PeanutButter pack for $28! Now I need to order that foam roller...following blogs is costing me $ today!

    Q to a "Big Time RD" biggest dissapointment or failure...and success! have a great week

  5. I'd be interested to know if getting sponsorship has become easier or harder over the last few years - economy v. increased popularity.

  6. My question: Why not put a gel flavor people will use? You know how many orange flavored gels I have around my house?

  7. Weather...ask about calls related to weather like shortening races vs. canceling them.

  8. one more -- "How is it possible to never have the appropriate number of port-o-potties avaiable? Do they find it funny to see Triathletes waiting in massive lines to take a pee?"

  9. How do you know when to cap off a race? What is the magic number for full?

    Most of the complaints from races are from the larger ones with tons of runners.

    Have a good one Jon!

  10. I'd love to know the method used to measure the swim course as I'm seeing more and more courses that are grossly off.

  11. Thanks for stopping by!!

    This is pretty cool. My freshman year I had to take Intro to Sports Management, and I interviewed the director of Twin Cities Marathon, as well a woman who runs a local race directing business. I had lots of questions for her, since that's all she does all year long!

    My Q: Triathlon is growing, and growing fast. We have such a wide variety of people participating now, from 65 year olds on a Schwinn, to 13 year olds with Zipps. What accommodations do you have to make to make the race accessible to everyone?


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