Sunday, June 20, 2010

The NYRR Run for Fumidity Race Report

[F]umidity, aka F-ing-[H]umidty is my Kryptonite.

I figuratively fell flat on my face this morning during the NYRR 5 miler in Central Park. After .5 miles of my 2.5 mile warmup, I was already dying and felt SO sluggish. Finished the warmup, then just walked around for a good 15-20 minutes to let my body get ready to race.

We race, and I knock out the first mile in 7:27, 2nd mile in 7:34, and then my head exploded. I could feel this heat pressure in my head just building and building and building until right at the 2nd mile marker its like someone took a syringe and extracted all of my mojo, and I was DONE. My body said this:

"Thanks folks for playing! Its been fun!......But stick a fork in me."

So I just let my body do what it could to crawl to the finish line. My mile splits came out as:
40:37 official time / 8:07 pace

This race basically was a total disaster! But you know what? I am GLAD this was a total disaster. I am actual SUPER HAPPY that this was a total disaster. You are right now asking yourself, "Is the boy on drugs?"

Basically this race has become the motivation to beat the humidity this season. The game has changed. In cooler temps and in the rain, I succeed. If the humidity and heat are going to be my Kryptonite, then I gotta find a way to beat it, cuz right now Timberman is the next battle and I am planning on going into that fight swinging, BUT! I gotta respect that run due to the possible temps and humidity like last year. I am actually praying for rain @ this point for August 22nd. But, I know that in order to have a fair rematch over last year's attempt, I need the heat and humidity.

Gonna start the research for heat/humidity running and will hopefully apply it @ my next race in July @ a 10K in Central Park. Watch it be raining or nice and cool that day! haha!


  1. I hate the heat and humidity too, running in it today was brutal. The good news is that running in it makes you physically and mentally tougher and you're more prepared for Timberman now!

  2. Hi little bro,
    I know how hard it is to run in the heat and is a freaking nightmare for me! You actually did pretty darn good considering the elements:) Nice work! BTW, I love your kryptonite:)

  3. Ha come up with the best words/terms! :)

    Ugh..humidity just sucks! There's nothing more to say about it. But, I think you did great considering the weather! I don't know anyone who isn't effected by the humidity. I wish I knew how to beat it too. Let us know if you find any helpful tips!

  4. The only bright side to the heat/humidity is that it is affecting EVERYONE. I swear there is no escape from it. I think every blog I have read this morning has complained about the "fumidity" at some point. Maybe it is time to sign up for this (

  5. oh the heat and humidity!!!!
    i actually dont mind running in it. i prefer it to snow!1

    good job on ur 5 miler!

  6. "fumidity" ... I'm definitely going to have to use that!

  7. I love the new word! We don't have humidity here in Colorado but when I am in Kansas visiting family I will definitely have to use it.

  8. That is so funny (not that your race sucked, which it didn't, but just felt that way to you) because I was thinking the same thing. I will pray for rain on a summer race day; it totally beats hot and humid...and well.....I've become accustomed to it.

  9. Jon,
    Got my PB packets today...they open MUCH better than the Justin versions we had...I am thinking of doing a GU / PB sandwich on sourdough bread, no crust for my next ride! will keep you posted - lol

    A friend of mone that lives on the Upper East Side just emailed me a 5K he entered that ends on the field at Yankee stadium? sounds awesome. I think I am going to miss the Ted Corbitt 15K in CP this year:(
    have a great week

  10. I hate fumidity!! Sucks. I hope for rain at the Timberman too! ha! You have such a great attitude, and really, the race might not have gone as you hoped, but you took from it a new resolve that I love!

  11. Fumidity ... I like it!

    Not a bad time overall Jon, you'll acclimate soon enough. I am finally feeling pretty good with the crazy Houston fumidity. Just have to take in alot more hydration and sodium and slow it down some.

  12. The heat and humidity are debilitating! I honestly don't know if there is anything worse. But, I agree that you can work with it!

  13. I love to hear when diseaster becomes a great moment


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