Friday, June 11, 2010

Taper Madness Contest Winners!

Thanks to those who entered into my Taper Madness contest where I asked YOU to tell me what a good defination of "going taper crazy" meant if you were to explain it to a non-endurance athlete.

Since I was giving away two different things, I selected two different winners.

Jeff @ Dangle the Carrot, uh, "bashed" the competition with his entry:

"Do you remember the movie The Untouchables in which Robert DeNiro played Al Capone? Do you remember the scene when all the mobsters were sitting around a table after Elliot Ness had ruffled some feathers and one of them had said something stupid to DeNiro/Capone? DeNiro/Capone was walking around said table holding a Louisville Slugger and we all knew he was going to bash the stupid guy in the head and everyone at the table knew he was going to bash the guy in the head even the stupid guy knew it was coming ... DeNiro/Capone walked and talked very deliberately for what seemed like a long time and the tension just keep building and building and building and building until BAM ... he violently bashed the guy in the head with the bat. Well, that Tension is the same feeling we get from the Taper, like a snake coiled up and ready to strike, and if timed perfectly we will explode on Race Day just like the maple bat exploded the stupid guys head all over the table. BUT if not timed correctly we might explode on the next idiot that asks us what taper crazy means! Capiche?"

That got the point across!!! Jeff, email going your way with details to send you the Gelrilla Grip Gel Holder.

I selected a 2nd winner and this goes to Colleen @ Irondiva. Her answer was VERY succinct and to the point. It hit home!

"Going Taper Crazy is the time between your hardest training weeks and your race when you totally doubt everything that you've done leading up to the race, you feel fat and lazy, you get bored easily, you eat a lot, you question your reasoning for thinking you can do a race, you feel like you'll have to start all over and that you'll never be able to race. But you do. And you kick ass. And you forget about the taper tantrums until the next race. :)"

Colleen, comment sent to your blog asking for info to send you some Larabars! Congrats!

Till next time!


  1. I demand a recount!!!!! just joking, mine was pretty weak compared to that

  2. Dang, Jeff has a vivid imagination. Uhh I mean, Jeff, you are an amazing triathlete and blogger! Thanks for sharing these Jon.

  3. Congrats to the winners:) Love the video! Have a fantastic weekend little bro!

  4. Great job on both the winners' parts!

  5. Great questions, and Great Definition interpretations!

    My kids now love the muppets.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Jeff's definition was right to the point! Loved it!

    The muppets are the coolest!


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