Saturday, June 19, 2010

oh boy, the heat

Got out for a 40 miler today on the bike. The goal was to get out there in the heat to start the heat acclimation in the build towards Timberman. It was around 86 degrees and not very humid, so it wasn't the hottest ride on record, but since I have had very little heat training this season, it really affected me. 90 mins into the ride there was one of those on-the-go hot dog trucks. I was SO thirsty! I jammed on the brakes and spent the best $2 on a cold bottle of water. Glug glug glug it was gone and I was saved!

Speaking of water, I have been CHUGGING water for the past 3 days and I can't stay hydrated! I drank so much water last night, got hydrated, went for my ride today, BAM, dehydrated again. I drank almost 40 oz's of liquid on my ride! Chugging water again when I got back home....Is this a case where I want to eat some more sodium in my diet to retain some of this liquid?

I know my body will acclimate to the heat this summer. I spent two summers cycling in southern France where the weather was basically Arizona: Hot, but dry. I remember struggling at first, but soon my body was able to take it. Just gotta give it time? I just know that @ Timberman on the run, I could encounter the 85 degree with 100% humidity weather again. That was NOT fun last year, but I want to be prepared for it this time.

Oh, and racing in the rain sucks, but running in the rain ROCKS. Basically there is no way you can overheat! I am starting to think that lead to my 1:50:00 Half Marathon @ Mooseman, since heat will just slaughter me.

I have a 5 mile race in Central Park tomorrow AM. This will be my gauge to see how recovered I am from Mooseman. Has it been 2 weeks already?!?!?


  1. Agreed 110% on running in the rain. The muddier and wetter the better!

  2. Race today hit 94 at 10AM. Heat drained me in the run, so I feel ya on the heat. Let me run in rain anyday!

  3. The rain would be a godsend right now! Did a 4 mile run followed by a 20mile bike at 8am and the temp was already 90 with more humidity than should be allowed. Sweat like crazy but I am starting to acclimate - some!

    Hey, I drink 6-8 liters a day of water with a green tea mix (crystal light) until about a week ago. I switched over to mixing gatorade instead of the tea and haven't had any dehydration issues since. I was afraid the large amount of water was cleansing me of electrolytes (sodium). May not be the same for you but that was my experience! Nice 40 miler in the heat Jon!

  4. Way to log the miles in the heat! I too have been struggling with staying hydrated. I did a 1:30 run yesterday, consuming 2 full water bottles along the way (roughly 40oz). When I got home, I was still down 3 lbs!! I spent the rest of the day chugging water.

  5. I love to run in the rain!! It is the best! Yeah, riding and racing in the rain, not so much.

    Good luck with your building for Timberman. I am working on some heat training too. I learned that heat sucks my soul away, so I better work on that! I almost tasted that bottle of water you bought!

  6. Are you eating anything on the ride? If you are.. definitely things with salt. The pb pretzel clif mojo bar is pretty awesome. :D Also... I would say that if you have a decently intense training plan, you don't need to "watch" the sodium at all in your diet...

    I go through a Lawry's on my own in like 6 weeks...

  7. I dont miss Arizona one bit, the big difference is that France has grass and trees to make it not as hot, Arizona is nothing but rocks and the heat just maginfies with all those rocks.


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