Saturday, June 12, 2010

Halfway to......

Its June 12th, folks, and that means its halfway time. I am officially halfway from 27 to 28 years old today. And! Its basically halfway through the season already: 4 major races for the year, two down, two to go.

So far this year has been a busy one and by the #'s:
1 4 mile race
1 5 mile race
2 stand alone half marathons
1 25K race (and longest run ever)
1 15K race
1 Sprimpic Triathlon
2 Half Ironman Triathlons (two of the four major races)
111 blog posts
118,830 yards swam
2021 miles biked
438 miles ran
0 mins strength training
A baker's dozen PR's
Only 1 or 2 mental breakdowns ;)

Mentally, I am still sharp. Went out for a 30 mile ride today on the road bike and besides almost bonking twice, my legs feel mostly recovered.

Speaking of recovery, do you foam roll? I am starting to find that my foam roller is a great barometer for how recovered my legs are. Basically the more tender my muscles are while foam rolling, the less recovered I am. As the week went on and the tenderness subsided, I felt better and better.

Finally, its 10 weeks till my last Half Ironman of the season, Timberman. I whipped up my new training plan. Basically its gonna be a bunch of consistent work from here till then. It includes a big training weekend up in Lake Placid during the Ironman where I am going to swim the course, bike the course, and the run course once each, since everything is a two looper. Its gonna be my 4 weeks out broken half ironman, or something like that. AKA Do I really want to do this course 2X in one day a year later.

Happy training!


  1. uve done a lot already!!! u rock!!!

  2. That seems like quite the "hint, hint" in bold! Just putting the finishing touches on my next training plan too. Ready to hit it hard on June 21st! Dude, I didn't realize you were still such a yougin at 27 -- thought you just had a baby face!

  3. crap it is early June and this looks like 2 years worth!!!! Did not realize we both ran NYC half in January. Congrats on all you races and your impressive times!

  4. For even faster recovery, try using a RumbleRoller ( in place of your standard foam roller. It gets down deeper into the muscle tissue and really makes a difference.

  5. I've been rollin,, but only since the injury 3 weeks ago! haha - need to get one for the house, thanks Ron good tip. Thanks Jon for keeping it in front of me.

    Great YTD!

    I like your game plan, would love to get signed up for LP next year but Madison is so close to me it's way too logical, right now thinkn Ill go volunteer for that one this year.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! Holy cow, you have been busy with training; looking good! I don't foam roll as a regular thing. I do have a stick and will use that sometimes, generally I do a good bit of stretching with some yoga mixed in for my recovery. Cheers!

  7. You have done alot of great work and races this year! Good job!

    I love my foam roller!

  8. You've been a racing machine! I cannot believe it's already the middle of June! Where is the time going?

  9. Good lord you've had a busy year already...does it stay this busy or does it slow down?
    I'd say you'll be able to do the Lake Placid course just fine, twice in one day a year later!!!

  10. I picked up on the "suttle" hint that Jeff also picked up on.

    I foam roll, I love it, to the point, more then once I ask it to marry me, hasnt responded, but its the best $25 I ever spent on this sport.


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