Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moving on from the multi sport lifestyle

As I hit the 2.5 mile marker on my usual thurs AM run, I
pondered what the heck I was doing out on a trail in near pitch black,
really dark conditions. Then it hit me. I felt like Forrest Grump, way out
in the desert where he suddenly stopped and said, "I'm Done." I don't
like getting up early. I never did! And enough is enough with it.

Finally I can start sleeping in. Don't get me wrong; triathlon as been a great
opportunity. I have gotten into the best shape of my life, but doing this stuff
over and over again takes its toll. I am mentally fried from it all. From
looking over my logs the past two years, I have racked up a ton of miles and
success in the SBR world, but the mental part has won. I am done for!

Just as I bought my last bike, I knew something was up. I wasn't feeling "it"
or the "joy" of the sport anymore. I hope that you all will stay with it and
keep putting those numbers up! This is a great sport and I hope that
everyone of you keeps hitting some new PR's! I will still be following you!


  1. Ha! At least I got your joke (April Fools)!! You fell for mine, hook, line and sinker!!!

  2. haha ... have a good weekend of training!

  3. that's not funny! i was heart broken for a second!

  4. Oh my God Jon!!! I was like, what and the hell is he talking way!!! You are pretty freaking good with the pranks there little bro!! You got me:) Have a good one!

  5. u r joking, right?
    i am very gullible!

  6. Zeek didn't have babies this morning, though:-))

  7. He anyone would believe that! :)

  8. that was funny, but completely unbelievable coming from you, you diehard!


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