Monday, April 26, 2010

Cya Funk! "Back" @ it

Meant to run 6 miles yesterday, but "The Funk" AND the weather won. It poured all day yesterday, but! I was in Central Park cheering on a friend at the More Half Marathon. Cheering on 13.1 miles in the pouring rain counts, right? ;)

So today is the start of the build towards Mooseman. No more flat. No more extreme heat. No more temperate water! Time for hills, cool(er) weather, and COLD water! Those cold water baths that I have been taking? Yeah, I'll be full body immersed in temperatures not much warmer than that! Think 58-62 degrees. That will wake you up!!!

I hopped back into the pool today for my first swim since the race and put in 2700 yards. I felt great for the first 300 or so, and then my body started to tire and it was a slow death grind until about the 2000 yard range. Then suddenly I got my second wind and I felt more "normal" in the water again. My times were slow, like a 5:20 for a 300 yard set. Its ok though, I'm just going for volume this week to get back into the groove. Plenty of time left to go fast in the water.

Netflix has come to the Wii. Oh thank goodness! No more lugging my laptop around and setting it up in front of the trainer. Now I can use the Wii to stream movies right to the TV. About to hop onto the trainer for an hour or so to spin the legs out....

In other news, the 2010 season is definately heating up. A bunch of my fellow bloggers had super successful weekends out on the battlefield this past weekend. Some notables are as follows:

Regina @ Chiu On This won her age group at the Bronx Biathlon. She raced in some NASTY conditions, and still kicked butt!

Aneta @ Confessions of a Rambunctious Runner busted out her fastest 10K and is set to start training for her first multi-sport race, a duathlon in June.

Jeff @ Dangle the Carrot's Olympic Distance Tri was turned into a Duathlon, but he managed a SUPER strong bike and run performance despite some high winds and hot temps.

Julie @ Julie's Running Blog, my big blogging sister, knocked out of the park a new 10K PR! Way to go Julie!

Maria @ 2010 Brings Racine set a new Half Marathon PR by almost 10 mins! 10 mins? WOW!! Maria is set to do her first Half Ironman this season while seeking her PHD. Talk about inspiration!

If I missed you, feel free to chastise me via a comment and I'll add you. I won't forget you next time! I promise!


  1. hey thnx for the shut out!! :)

    and i am excited to start training for the duathlon. i have a helmet and everything now!

    glad you're 'back' at it!!! hope u r having a lovely day!

  2. Hi little bro,
    I am so glad that you said "cya" to the funk!! You are back in the pool already:) Thanks for the mention! Have a good one Jon!

  3. Way to get back to it! :) Bye, bye funk!

  4. Way to break through the funk!! The Netflix for Wii rocks. Makes training a heck of a lot easier.

  5. I love all the shouts outs.

    Sometimes, when I am just spinning, I play GH or Rockband on the trainer to fight the boredom. Makes the time fly if your not doing any intervals

  6. SWEET! C-ya FUNK! Way to bust through what sounds like a tough pool swim. The Netflix for Wii sounds awesome! LOVE your new profile pic.

  7. How did your friend do in the MORE half? I was actually thinking about her during my dismal race. Thanks for the shout out. It was beastly out there. Glad you are getting your mojo back!

  8. Hey thanks for the shout out! I'm glad to hear you're out of your funk!!


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