Friday, April 2, 2010

The Harriman Hills

Ride #1 of this weekend is DONE. 42.44 miles of hilly terrain in the bag.

Its not so much the hills that made me hurt the worst, but rather the pavement of the roads in this park. Don't get me wrong, the routes here are AMAZING, its flying 30 MPH over speed bumps every 10 feet that will WRECK your body. Probably 1/3 of the roads have awesome new pavement, the other 2/3, not so much. My bike is really stiff which makes the acceleration and climbing fast, but man it does a terrible job at shock absorption.

I felt really strong going up every hill and I was able to stand up and hit the gas whenever I needed to, so my climbing legs are there, which is really surprising since I have done very few climbs this seasons so far. Not gonna argue; I'm gonna take it!

Today was absolutely gorgeous and the park is in really good shape after a rough winter. I actually stopped to take some photos with my camera along the way. It is so pretty here!

The last photo shows a road closure. I had just come up that hill and it was amazing being up able to climb up a great climb and not worry about ANY cars. No idea why the road was closed, its in perfect shape....I wish the entire park was car free!

Got home, went through the recovery process and I hope I am healed up enough for tomorrow's flatter, but longer ride. Gonna go take a nap....


  1. great pix! looks like a beautiful ride.
    good job on the bike!
    i went out for my first bike ride today: 22 k in about an hour and 25! not bad for my first time!

    have a great weekend

  2. I want to go there!! It looks so gorgeous:)

    Nice work on your crazy hill bike ride little bro!! I hope that you have a nice Easter!!

  3. Sounds and looks like you had an awesome ride! Thanks for the looks beautiful there.

  4. Nice work on the hills, I should really drag my ass out and find hills to ride. Yay for car free riding!


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