Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Funk

Have you ever been in "The Funk"? You know, that period of training where motivation is zero and it usually occurs after a race?

We Got the Funk

I am deep into "The Funk" right now. The build up to New Orleans was a nice, slow and steady 4 month build culminating with a loud POP!.......and then fizzle.

I see it as almost the loss of a goal. Not in that you didn't meet your goal, but that the goal is now gone. That thing you have been building towards for so long and the thing that you were looking forward to is no longer there. Its done! Its finished! You met it!

So now what else is there to work towards? I have another two races in the next 6-7 weeks, but its the starting over factor that just buuuurrrrrrrns.

Dont't take pity on me as I am looking for none. I am just looking for motivation!

Well, motivation is coming this Tuesday in the form of two square boxes via fedex containing two round objects. Some new toys (rented!) are always a recipe for getting the head back into the game.

Tomorrow I finish my post New Orleans rest week and come Monday, its time to start rebuilding.

May the Funkiness be with you!


  1. The funk happens to everyone I think - but it will go away when you get to open your toys, I am sure!

  2. this should help.

  3. The Funk is just part of the cycle. Time to show that you have the mental toughness to push through - I know you have it!

    I like to watch inspiration movies during my funks.

    A couple of my favs:

    Spirit of the Marathon:

    Old Ironman Footage (World Championship 2008 for instance)

  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention. Watching of inspirational videos works best if you have a beer (or two). :)

  5. I am SO having the opposite experience as you! I PRd in Boston on Monday and all week long I have been like "okay muscles c'mon! get better already! I want to see what else you can do!" Try and channel some of your goal success and use it to motivate you to do EVEN BETTER! I can't wait to train my ass off for the tri season and fall marathons! And I know you're an addict too so I trust you'll come out of this little "funk" quite quickly!

  6. I feel that way after every marathon i have done. i call it post race blues. it goes away fast though. i'm sure you'll be feeling so much better when you receive the delivery you are anxiously awaiting.

  7. Oh little bro,
    Yes, the funk! We all get it now and then. I think it is just the let down after New Orleans that is getting to you. You will snap out of it and you will be itching to get ready for another. Hang in there!! Enjoy your weekend Jon!

  8. Oh yea, toys definitely help ease the funk! I can relate to the funk, it happens outside of the tri-world as well. But ya put your head down and ya keep moving forward, plus you've got some awesome races coming up!

  9. You worked hard for NO so it makes sense that you would feel a let down after. In fact, I'd be worried about you if you didn't!

    Looking forward to hearing about your new toys!

  10. Post race blues always suck, you build and build, then do the race and it ends, then what?

    BTW, is it wheels? has to be wheels, I bet it Zipps too, some sexy stockings for your bike, ughhhhhhhhhhhh post the bike porn already!!!!

  11. dude -- I was feeling a little funked myself until I saw you have new toys coming!!!!!! I am with Scott and think it has to be carbon wheels. My prediction: Zipp 404 Front, 808 Rear from Close?

  12. I have to set a new goal - immediately - or the funk. I understand.

  13. Yeah, I get that post big events too. Give it a week and you'll be feeling better. Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw!

  14. Oh I was going to guess Zipp wheels too! Do tell! Not a bad idea. hmmmm.

    Not that I need to tell you, but you will come out of the funk. Think of it as post race-partum depression. ha! I'm sure once your round objects arrive you will be rejuvenated!! Hang in there kid.

  15. The funk is a great "problem" to have: you are aware of what's happening in your mind / body, you know it will turn around, and you had a great race in NO and more to come this year!!!


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