Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All of the World's problems solved with rubber bands and electrical tape

I am a big proponent of practicality and following the K.I.S.S. rule (keep it simple stupid).

I realized tonight that I need to carry at least 3 Gu's out on the run this weekend. With only a single tiny pocket in my tri suit, I would be stuck holding Gu's in my hand for 13.1 miles. No thanks!!! My race belt only has the bungee straps to hold the race number and nothing else. So how do you attach three Gu's to the race belt?

Simple! Rubber bands!

And whats even better is that the Gu's are so lightweight that they don't make the belt swing up and down. (yes, I know they sell belts that are specifically made to hold gels, but I kinda ran outa time to find this belt is good luck!)

Another triathlon trick that I am a HUGE fan of is electrical tape.

You can practically put your bike back together with it. Ok, not really, but at least it holds your race numbers in place! I can't tell you how painful it is to have a race number come loose on the top tube of your bike and constantly whack the inside of your bare thigh causing some really nasty chaffing. Electrical tape fixed that!

Have you ever had one of your race number pin holes tear? Reinforce it with electrical tape before you stick it. Had that happen once. The race number constantly hit my leg because it was drooping from my race belt.

How about your bar tape suddenly comes loose at the ends on the inside of your handle bars? Yep, more electrical tape is your answer.

I'll post an image of it on my bike's race number this weekend. That race number is going where? NO WHERE!

(....other than a hopeful constant speed of 20 mph over a 56 mile course.....)


  1. I have one of those race belts that holds gels....although I am not sure why I bought it, as I don't think at the time I ever planned on needing to carry that many gels.

    Hmmm..I've been carrying duct tape (never needed it, knock wood), electrical tape, another brilliant idea.

    when do you leave?

  2. I have a roll of electrical tape in my bike bag and probably another 3 rolls through out my car. Stuff is worth its weight in gold!

  3. Nice work MacGyver! I've seen people pin their gels to their race belts, but the rubber bands look like they'll work better because they won't bounce around at all.

  4. I'm a big believer in duct tape as well as the electric tape. Gotta love simple yet durable fixes!

  5. Check out SPIbelt... you wouldn't need the rubber bands and the electrical tape. Best triathlon find I've ever bought! :)

    Although, we do use a lot of electrical tape. Our numbers don't every come off of our bikes or our belts! :)

  6. hahhahahha. very creative!!!

  7. I also keep a roll of electrical tape in my bag! Someone at every race eventually needs it!

    I also have had luck stuffing a gel pack on the shoulder of my tri top shirt, it holds it pretty good and that would be the first one I go for on the run!

  8. It looks like my little bro is pretty darn crafty:)

  9. Great reminder about the electrical tape. It should be on everybodies' triathlon race checklist. I use it to hold GUs on my top tube. Good Luck this weekend, I look forward to a race report!


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