Friday, April 30, 2010 DONE

Not my most voluminous month, due to the taper and recovery from New Orleans, but I did increase my bike volume by 1 mile over last month!

Swim: 18,300 yards
Bike: 393 miles
Run: 59 miles

These numbers mean WHAT this time around? I am worried that the low swim yardage and run miles might hurt me long term, but more importantly how scheduling your races can affect volume between races during the season.

With a two week taper, race, and one week recovery, that is three weeks of lowering the volume for one, high intense day of racing. Is it worth it? I think so if you have a good day of racing!

I think tapering for two weeks was a bit much for a half ironman this time around FOR ME. I tapered for two weeks for Timberman last August, and I felt like I needed it. This time, since last time worked so well, I figured two weeks would work again. It did!, but I felt like I could have done the race a week earlier. I PR'ed (by a LOT) in a 4 mile run race exactly one week out from New Orleans and I had a great 36 mile ride the day before that 4 mile race. That one week was enough time out to let my body recover. I secretly had wished that I did the race that weekend, which means I was worried that I peaked a week too early. Maybe I did? I will never know, but that is all part of the learning process!

So for Mooseman in June, I will be tapering for at least a week, but definately NOT a full 2 weeks.

Now for post race recovery, barring any freak injuries such as blisters or sunburns, I wish I had gotten into the pool at least twice following New Orleans, even if it was for 500 yards each time to maintain my "feel" for the water. I was only able to run once (4 miles), but that was mostly due to blisters and a sore right leg. Biking: Same as swimming. Just do something, not hard or long, but at least something 2x during the week following the race. Even the trainer would be an option!

I am a big believer in active recovery. When I am not doing anything, I go flat and I become grumpy ;)


  1. u did awesome this month. no complaining allowed!!!! this is a no complain zone!!
    and u will rock ur next race! no worries!

    happy weekend!

  2. My run and swim numbers were down for April as well. i was a little concerned and then realized I did 3 races in the 4 weekends in April. You know we do all this training for races and this is race season right?

    Still some pretty solid numbers Jon - especially the bike!

    Got my front Zipp this afternoon .. check out my blog for the pic!

  3. Nice volume! I know what you mean about tapering. I think It's hard to know just how much your body needs until you you've been through it a couple of times.

    And, I totally agree with you about active recovery. After my first HIM, I didn't do anything for 2 weeks and it was not a good thing. This time around I will definitely be spinning on the trainer and getting to the pool.

  4. Agree on the taper....I should start a tally on my monthly totals. still nice month...a great race you had!

  5. 3 Cheers for active recovery - for tapering, injuries...I get so grumpy if I do nothing! Great totals this month!

  6. Hi little bro,
    You had a great month:) Funny about being a believer in active recovery:) I can't picture you all:) Enjoy your weekend Jon!

  7. Nice volume. Michelle is going to have me on a three week taper. should be interesting. tick tock.

  8. you grumpy... i never noticed. :)


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